Ask The Fangirl: How do you get the @BackstreetBoys to remember you?

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Question: What advice would you give to help make the boys remember you? – Silvia


There’s really no advice you can give. All I’ve ever done is try to treat them normal, like Nick. I always from the very first time treated him like another dude that’s the same age as me. I guess it worked. LOL


just be you. Be kind, make conversation… for a while there howie knew my name, he used to tell me he remembered the banner I used to wave at shows (as I used the same one for years) and he even pointed out what shows. Nick, I don’t think I fly on his radar ???? I’ve met him the most and I reckon he still thinks it’s the first time I’ve ever met him ????


Kevin remembered me from social media posts I’ve made. I still can’t believe he knows me as well as my daughter. Kevin has won me over more than once by just liking a “tweet” or a Instagram post.

Just remember the boys are human. They have good days and bad days just like us, no different. You can’t expect them to remember you each time they see you. I remember walking to meet and greet in Pittsburgh. Brian saw me, said Hi and hugged me. I knew by the look on his face he didn’t recognize me. But while our picture was being taken he whispered in my ear “I remember you now”. My knees just about buckled. Lol


I would say definitely be consistent with interacting on social media with them! If you get the chance to do meet & greets and shows, be yourself and treat them like normal human beings. If you have a common interest with them, tell them about it. I always try to talk about sports or everyday things and they seem to remember my face and past conversations we’ve had, even if they don’t remember my name right away. They appreciate loyalty and dedication so just consistently interact with them in any way you can.


Keep showing up. Treat them like normal human beings if you do end up meeting them. Have an online presence with an easy to remember username.


Real talk- just keep showing up. ???? They notice and appreciate loyalty.



They definitely take notice to those who show love and support – both online and in person. I would say, make sure your face is your profile pic on socials, and keep the same username throughout (like Twitter and Instagram). If/when you meet them in person, treat them like normal guys, introduce yourself and smile. There really isn’t a “trick” to it, it’s moreso consistency, dedication and luck.

It may take years, and it may only be one of them that knows you by name – but it’s THE BEST feeling when they say it ☺️


If you can, stay active with them, such as interacting with them on social media or go to events and meet them if you get the chance. There are events that aren’t just concerts with meet and greets, try and go meet them at radio events or when they have solo events such as their solo tours or at Cons, and other examples are AJ’s current solo project or Howie’s theatre performance, etc. If you share something in common with them, such as sports, be sure to talk about it with them. It also helps that my sister Kim, and I, are identical twins, so that is the very first thing they remember, and they know we love to talk football with them. If you’re dedicated and make an effort, they truly try to remember and show you that they see your dedication.

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