Ask The Fangirl: What made you @BackstreetBoys fans?

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Question: What made ya’ll Backstreet Boys fans? – Reagan


My cousin’s son who I babysat as a teenager loved them. When I was a senior in high school is when they blew up in the US. They played my “Grad Nite” at Walt Disney World and at the time I called them NKOTB wannabes. I went to take a picture for my cousin’s son and made my way to the front while they performed “Everybody” and Nick looked at me and asked if he was sexual. I nodded and the next week at school, I made a freshman girl give me a poster of Nick from her teenybopper magazine. The rest is history.


StephMy friend (who I now call my sister) brought over the “Quit Playing Games (with my Heart)” CD when it was first released here in the US. We listened to it on repeat for hours that night since she was staying the night. It had both versions of the song. The one we hear on the radio and the “Brian” version. My fate was sealed. Still to this day, my family blames my obsession/addiction/hobby on her.


MellyI needed to fill the void after NKOTB ended…it was just that simple for me. And boy did they fill that void. Never looked back.


Kevin’s beautiful face. No joke. I wanted to know everything about him after seeing him, which translated into learning about the others/their music.


I found myself in middle school; I think in 6th grade. We were so lucky to have great music in the 90’s and was loving it, but I didn’t have anything that just DID it for me. Hanson was all the rage at that time, and while I liked them, I wasn’t addicted. I was watching the MTV Europe Awards and BSB performed As Long As You Love Me/Backstreets Back. I was HOOKED. Their voices and dancing sucked me in and their hotness sealed the deal.


Since Kim just replied, I may as well add on to this since we were both watching the MTV Europe Awards in what I believe was in 1997. At a very young age, I was exposed to the New Kids since we have an older cousin who really loved them, so we would listen to their music too but then mostly listened to country music growing up. I would see BSB in the BOP and other teen magazines and thought they were cute, but would never hear them here on the radio. I then started hearing Quit Playing Games all the time and fell in love with it. Once I saw them live on the MTV Awards and watched them sing and dance and do it well LIVE, and seeing Nick’s amazing smile, that was it. It was a love affair that would never die.


I don’t have a specific date and time, but I remember catching the end of the Everybody video on the Disney Channel (it was around Halloween time and they would show Halloween themed videos between shows). I was intrigued and wanted to see the whole video. Soon after I was with my mom grocery shopping and the store had a rental section and I rented the All Access VHS. I watched it as soon as I got home and it was a done deal after that. I needed to know everything 98I could as soon as I could, and things took off from there.

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