Ask The Fangirls: Can I get some pit advice?

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Question: I bought a pit ticket for the Hartford show, but I’m going alone. I know you do pit all the time, so what are some things I should know? Am I going to be able to go to the bathroom and keep my spot? Does it get really crowded (like no room to move at all crowded). I know I’ll be surrounded, but some of your pictures makes it look like there’s space to move around. – @brians_curls on Instagram


BrittanyThat’s tough! For the first leg of the DNA tour, there were three pits: DNA Circle and two DNA sides, all of which had a max number of tickets sold. This time around, all of the pits look different and I’m sure the capacity is different in each place. I’ve been in Backstreet pits that have had PLENTY of space and others that lacked any personal bubble whatsoever. I think all of that will depend on how big the pit is, how many tickets are available for sale, and if the pit sells out. (Sorry, I know that doesn’t help.)

Best advice: make friends with the people around you when you get into the pit (or even standing in line). Of you need to step out for a bathroom break, you’ll be able to ask your new friends to protect your space until you get back. FOR THE MOST PART, fans are understanding of bathroom breaks and will have no issues letting you back where you were. I would rather not deal with going in and out, so I don’t drink liquids past a certain point on concert days so that I can limit breaks. **This is not for everyone.

You are going to have a great time; I have made some of my very best friends in a BSB line or a pit over the past 10 years. Enjoy it


MellyJust talk to people. You aren’t with them longer than the show. I have never been burned by anyone I have met in this fandom. So I’m always talking and making new friends.


KimI would say that getting to know who you’re standing with is single-handedly the most important if you’re in the pit. Make friends and get talking. I know we all feel a type of way about getting a “spot”, and I have to remind myself that everyone else does too. I like to think there’s an honor code of respecting who was where first; at least I do my best to honor it, but not everyone is like that. Being nice and making friends and supporting one another through the standing/waiting/no eating/no liquids is imperative to having a good night in the pit. You’re going to love it!!


I will also agree that one of the most important things about being in the pit is making friends with the people around you, and as hard as it may be, just try to take a deep breath and relax as you are all there for the same reason. Everyone wants to see the guys up close and there is nothing like that adrenaline rush. I’ve done many BSB shows in the pit and they’ve all been different. Some have been not crowded with a lot of space, some we’ve been packed in like sardines. It’s not comfortable at the time, but the big picture is that you’ll be super close to the guys.

When the guys take the stage, you forget about all of the other stuff and you’re in the moment and so is everyone else around you! I try not to drink too much water or alcohol during the show because I will spend my entire night in the bathroom.

Most people are very patient and great about holding spots for one another if you make friends, but there will be the rare occasion where that might not be the case, so just keep that in mind. I’ve made some of my closest friends while being in the pit or waiting in line because there is time for conversation! You’re going to love it so much!


  Doing pit at a concert is a beast on it’s on. Doing pit with a friend is probably the best option because not only do you have entertainment with you friend, but you’ll also have someone there if you need something, like that quick bathroom trip or something to drink. 

I’ve done shows with friends and without friends and the best thing to do is make friends, like the others have said. I went to a Jonas Brothers concert last August and knew nobody in the pit, but I started talking to people and granted, I could have been their mother, we all had that one thing in common – the band.

There are going to be people around sometimes who are rude, thinking they can push you out of the way, but you just have to stand your ground. You have to show them that you are not going to move no matter how much they elbow you.

Those people are real, but 8 times out of a 10, you are going to have someone nice beside you who understands that no matter how close they get, they are not going home with Nick. 

You’re gonna have a blast!

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