WTF were @BackstreetBoys thinking: “Just Want You To Know” music video

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Note: This is a new series on where we question different things that the Backstreet Boys have done throughout their career. 

Don’t get me wrong – “Just Want You To Know” is by far my favorite Backstreet Boys music video. I mean, there’s the ’80s nostalgia, the wigs, the clothes, the fandom outside in the parking lot and let’s not even start talking about Sphynkter itself. 

Ah – mazing.

But the video has some questionable content in it that seriously has us scratching our heads. That’s why we bring you – WTF were Backstreet Boys thinking – “Just Want You To Know” edition. 

Was Nick digging for gold up there? Who thought this was attractive, even in 1985? Yeah, we know. It was probably Nick’s idea. The sad thing is, if Nick was this old in 1985 and not a 5-year-old, this is probably how he would look. 

Let that sink in for a moment. 

The first thing many notice is the four guys coming up in a hot rod that could be serial killers or just headbangers, but did you notice that they have a SPYNKTER sticker on the hood of their car? How many of us have a BACKSTREET BOYS sticker on our car? I can raise my hand. 

BUt the real question here is who the hell told Howie to dress like he was a member of Menudo?

Two things:

Who thought Kevin spitting out some dip juice was going to be hot? Because I can’t figure out for the life of me if it’s gross or hot, kind of like Nick digging for gold.

Speaking of Nick, is he having some kind of attack over in the shotgun seat? He is certainly living his best life. 

Nick, are you okay?

In fact, here Nick looks like the type of guy that gets your daughter pregnant and they end up living in a one-bedroom mobile home down by the river that ends up getting burned down because of too many Christmas lights. 

I would totally end up being that daughter. 

Between Kevin and AJ, there is just too much WTFness going on in this part of the video. 

I mean, you have Kevin Scott “Train” Richardson checking out his eyebrows while driving because the lives of the four other losers in the car are not as important as your face.  Then you have AJ McLean about to bust his ass and possibly his head open while trying to stand up in a moving car. 

Thank God Nick is in the front seat. 

Too … much … to … process …. brain … going …. overboard …

Kevin and AJ have WTF’d us again. 

It makes me wonder how many fans who were little girls that loved the “older brother” Kevin seeing Kevin kiss someone like this for the first time. 

Why is it Kevin seriously looks like he could be in an ’80s hair band? It looks perfect on him and he has the whole camera eye-babymaking thing going on perfectly. 


*sighs* I mean, what the hell were they thinking when they did this? Did they know that there were some of us who have a thing for ’80s hair bands and then seeing Nick as the perfect mix of Axl Rose and Bret Michaels would drive us insane. 

I’m sorry, you’re still here? God bless you.

This is live footage of me trying to get a good spot up front by the stage on the Backstreet Boys cruise. 

I’m joking, obviously, but damn if this doesn’t show what life as a fan in the pit section. 

At least they know what we go through.

Excuse me, did it just get hot in here all of a sudden? Helllllllllo Kevin’s tongue. HELLLLLLO!

Did they think that we would just all die after this video and they wouldn’t have to tour anymore? I mean, it might possibly do that to me now.

Pretty sure this is actual footage from the DNA World Tour.

If you’ve never walked off a Backstreet Boys cruise and not felt how they look at the end of the music video, then you literally have never been on the cruise or you’re lying. But it’s the best feeling. 

How did this post begin as WTF were the Backstreet Boys thinking to the fact that this music video depicts everything that we experience at Backstreet Boys events?

Were there any parts of the video that made you go WTF, or make you go, “Shit, I’ve done that. That’s me?” Let’s us know!



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