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Fandom Life: How to save for @BackstreetBoys events and not go broke

by | Feb 8, 2020 | Backstreet Boys, Funds, Pop Music, Thoughts | 1 comment

Let’s be real – while the boys are like no other and are always, 1000% worth it, they caaannn come with a steep price tag.

If you’ve been around a while you may have a pretty solid feel for what things go for, but even the best of us get side swiped when an unexpected event, afterparty, or solo event pops up. Things can appear out of thin air at any time, as we’ve all come to know.

That being said, whether you’re looking for tips to kickstart better savings habits or just want to feel more prepared for when those new tour dates drop – keep on reading!


BSB savings

Open an account just for your BSB adventures. This insures you don’t mix business and pleasure when it comes to your finances. You’ll see a clear view of your progress, and won’t dip into it for regular bills. Personal tip: I take a set amount each pay and put it into my BSB account, regardless if there’s anything on the horizon.

Small cutbacks

Pack your lunch, make a few less Starbucks trips (or brew your own coffee and bring it to work), cook at home. If you go out to eat order a water instead of a pricey cocktail (your waistline will also thank you). These are just a few suggestions, the possibilities are endless!

Shop smarter.

Look for deals and coupons. A lot of stores today have apps with coupons at your fingertips. Look for flash sales, online deals, or sales around major holidays. Shop at wholesale retailers (like BJs, Sam’s Club or Costco’s) and buy in bulk because it’s usually cheaper per unit. Sign up for eBates and check to see if where you’re looking to shop has any extra discounts. Make a grocery list and stick to it – no impulse purchases.

Credit card benefits.

There are so many great cards out there! Many offer cash back rewards or incentives to refer someone, while some may offer a 0% interest rate for a specific period of time, or an account credit for spending a set amount in a certain time frame. Cash back is a easy way to earn money back on things you’re already purchasing (think gas, groceries, monthly utilities). While it may not be a lot right away, it adds up over time. I’ve cashed in enough to cover the cost of concert tickets already. Be sure there’s no annual fee though, read the fine print and find a card that fits your needs and will get you the best benefits!

Interest Earned.

Check your interest rate at your bank and see what you’re earning. Depending on the balances you keep, you may be able to switch to a money market or premier checking account, which will yield a higher interest rate. If you’re not looking to use a certain amount of money for a while, CDs (certificates of deposit) typically have better rates because you’re locking in for a set time frame and are unable to access the funds. Personal tip: move the interest you earn each month into your BSB savings.

Clean up the clutter.

Have a dress you wore once for a special event? Shoes you bought because they were cute and on sale, but you don’t ever wear? Apps like Poshmark, Mercari, and Depop allow users to post and sell unwanted clothing, purses, accessories and more. There are also places like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, local consignment shops and Let Go to de-clutter your closet (and home). Extra merch? Post it up in a BSB Facebook group! Not only will you be freeing space and earning some extra money, but you’ll be making another fan happy!


Cash or checks given for birthdays, holidays, or any other reason can be put into your BSB savings stash. Every bit counts and helps!


You’re already accustomed to not seeing and touching it – keep it that way and move that little extra over to your savings. Combined with everything else you’ve started doing, you’ll soon start to notice that number rising!

Work bonuses.

You can take a portion (or all) and put it towards that VIP you’ve been dreaming of. (Or put it in a high interest yielding account and earn interest on top of it). (Can you tell yet I work in banking?)

Tax Return.

It’s that time of year again, and while refunds are technically your own money back, many people like the idea of getting a larger sum back all at once and use their return to pay for larger expenses (DNA circle included).



if you need to go into actual debit (bank, friend, family member) for a concert, you need to take a good, hard look and realize that maybe you shouldn’t go to said concert. Borrowing money puts strain on relationships, not to mention, after interest you’d be paying back way more than the original price.

Put yourself in a financial bind

We all know how tempting and easy it is to click buy on a meet and greet in the heat of the moment, and tell yourself that you’ll figure it out later. But, if you know deep down it’s going to reek havoc on your finances and make life a real (like a REAL) struggle, it’s for the best to release the meet and greet in your cart. Don’t put yourself into a situation that can possibly damage your future.

Forgo paying other bills.

This ties into the above. Don’t skip rent, your car payment, or other financial obligations to attend an event. Trust me, there will be more!

All the tips listed above have definitely helped me plan and save for shows and events. Habits take time, and it’s nothing that happens overnight – but it’s all worth it in the end!