News: @HowieD makes his rounds with local news, etc.

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After the opening weekend of his play, “Back in the Day,” in Omaha, Nebraska, Howie Dorough made his way back to California for some media and some fun!

He stopped by CBSLA to talk about Backstreet Boys and more.  Pictures are below and you can view the video here

He also stopped by MSN to talk about the Backstreet Boys, his play and more. Click here to read the post!

He also stopped by Baby Steps to let them know not to worry! You can learn more about his partnership with Baby Steps in the video from CBSLA. 


Not to mention everybody’s favorite Backstreet Boys fan / journalist Leena received “Back in the Day” for Entertainment Tonight Canada! You can check out her review here

Don’t forget, if you want to review “Back to the Day” for us, email us at [email protected]!

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