Review: On the road with @AJ_McLean and ATCK

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ATCK is just another outlet for AJ’s creativity and self-expression, only this time, he’s added friends! I might be biased (okay, I am DEFINITELY biased), but this show is one you don’t want to miss. And here’s why, along with videos to help make my case:

One of my favorite things about AJ is how unapologetically unique he is. He has always expressed himself– through his music, through his sense of fashion, and even through his hairstyles– exactly as he wants without fear of what anyone else thinks.

Have you been to a Backstreet Boys’ after party where the Boys in attendance cover a few nostalgic 90s hits while the DJ spins? You can expect a little bit of that. While DJ Lux spins and Ryan Stevenson kills it on the drums, AJ gives Ginuwine a run for his money. 


Did you see Francesco Yates open up for Justin Timberlake’s MOTW tour? Did you catch him at Ottowa Bluesfest during the DNA tour this summer? In case you missed him, here’s what you have to look forward to:

My new favorite talent is, without a doubt, Ryan-freakin-Stevenson. I have never (in my 200+ live shows of varying genres) seen drum work like this. It doesn’t hurt that he randomly smiles in the middle of his sets because he very clearly loves what he does. 


And it looks like AJ has picked up yet another skill set. 



You’ll get a little taste of Backstreet, but not much. This event was truly about ATCK (and not BSB). 


Are y’all ready for a song that you won’t be able to get out of your head? The live version of the new ATCK single Hurts to Love You has been the first thing I listen to every morning all week. (You’re welcome.) 


If none of this is reason enough, this song alone would do it for me. This one is NSFW, but you are going to watch it on repeat (I’m talking to you, AJ girls!)


So, if you have the chance to attend an ATCK show (or 3), do it! Everyone involved in this project is hard working and passionate, and they are all so incredibly thankful for each and every person who comes out to these shows. 

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