9 Years Later: @NickCarter’s “I’m Taking Off” Top 5 songs

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It’s insane to think that nine years ago today, February 2, 2011, Nick Carter released his second solo album (almost nine years after the last) and it was a huge step in his career as a solo artist. 

The album was a departure from his first, “Now or Never,” but “I’m Taking Off” definitely stands on its own with a lot of dance music and club-friendly hits. 

But let’s be real .. there are a few gems on the album that are some of Nick’s best work. 

Let’s countdown what they are.

5. “I’m Taking Off”

“I’m Taking Off” is the typical Nick song if you know him well enough. He’s a space geek, so him writing a song and singing about taking off in a space shuttle to get away from a girlfriend is freaking hilarious and genius all at the same time. Seriously, it’s the perfect song for Nick.

Another big bang explosion, don’t even know who are you … 


4. Nothing Left To Lose”

When I first heard “Nothing Left To Lose,” I wasn’t that big of a fan. In fact, it wasn’t until the concert where I took the video above that I fell in love with the song. The lyrics and his voice is just magical in it, especially when he’s singing it right in front of you and basically in your camera. The song showcases his vocal range in a way that not many other songs have since. One that I can think of is “The Way It Was” from the Backstreet Boys’ “DNA” album. 

I got nothing, nothing left to lose
I got freedom, but most of all, you
We got love and we got time
If we just remain on each other’s hearts
We could leave it all behind
And start anew
As long as I got you


3. “Burning Up”

“Burning Up” may be one of the catchiest songs that Nick Carter has ever released. The sexiness of the opening lyrics and tone of the music, to the part where you just want to burst out dancing like only Nick can. The music video, which features fans, including our very own Cindy, makes it even better since it was shot in a night club. 

And Nick in a lose tie – mercy. 

You are the game that I wanna play
And I
I just wanna know your name

2. “Falling Down”

This is possibly one of the most beautiful and haunting Nick Carter song that he has ever released. The lyrics themselves just bring you in, especially the way he performs it, like he did at his last “All American” show in Nashville above. He gets so into the song, possibly because it’s so personal for him, and in a way, I really relate to the lyrics, also. 

Trying to outrun all the memories
But I keep falling down
I keep falling down
And it’s like you still got a hold on me
‘Cause I keep falling down
I keep falling down

1. “Just One Kiss”

Is “Just One Kiss” the best song Nick Carter has ever released? No, but is it just so purely magical … almost like a sequel to “I Got You.” Nick is on a beach, alone, pleading for just one kiss, one more chance, and Jesus, if you can’t feel something after that then you have no soul. Maybe it’s the tone of his voice at the beginning, kind of like with “I’m Burning Up.” He showcases that low tone of his voice and there is nothing better.
Nothing better, I swear. We don’t have to find a way forward
We just have to find what we missed
So what if we look like we’re crazy
For hangin’ it all on this

Happy Birthday, “I’m Taking Off!”

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