Countdown: @BackstreetBoys Best Looks of the Past Decade

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While we’re still in TRL countdown mode from our previous post, we wanted to look back at the last decade of Backstreet Boys in another aesthetic way—outfits!

We all know that the epitome of boy band style lies within the matching group outfits of the 90s/early 2000s, and while our boys still rock the coordinated threads every once in a while, we love that over the years, we’ve gotten to see each of their individual styles really blossom. In the years since breaking away from *he who shall not be named*, they’ve definitely got to come more into their own and showcase who they are creatively.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into what we think are the BEST group outfits for the boys throughout the last 10 years:


6. GMA Summer Concert Series (2018)

Holy unexpected looks for the GMA Summer Concert Series! But, hey, we love a fun surprise every once in awhile — and the floral blazer and yellow leather jacket were definitely shockers!

While these fun patterns and bold colors may not necessarily “match” (although, kudos to whoever perfectly matched the florals in AJ’s blazer to the color of Brian’s pants AND the solid blue in Kevin’s sweater), we can’t help but love when all of these vibes are then balanced out with solid black. Overall this is such a fun, happy, summer look that got us SUPER hyped for the DNA tour!


 5. DNA Tour Jerseys (2019)

We’re going to be 100% honest, here. We were NOT feeling most of the outfits on this tour. So, when these jerseys appeared for an encore, we were so relieved!

And while this doesn’t really count as one single outfit, this whole just theme HAD to make the list for us. We really loved how the customized jerseys made each stop on the DNA tour extra special for fans. This was a really creative way to acknowledge each of the arenas they performed in, too. 

Oh, and arms. Did we say arms? Because arms. 

Finally, we also love that they weren’t always in the same jersey—sometimes it was different teams or even paired with a jacket for a little extra fun. Again, this was a great balance between the stereotypical matching outfits while still giving them a chance to individualize themselves in creative ways. 


4. Music Choice NYC (2018) 

Bring us Backstreet Boys in a mix of leather and denim and we’re happy girls over here. Seriously, the individual looks here are SO good on their own. But, seeing them all together really brings out just how much different shades and styles can work when combined.

Special call outs to the dark leather jacket on Nick and the ever-popular denim on Brian! These seem to be signature looks for these two — and let’s just say, we’re diggin’ it! For real though, Brian in a backwards hat, denim jacket, and kicks just might be our favorite Brian of all time, which played a big role in adding this group outfit to our countdown. 


3. Show Em What You’re Made of Premiere (2015)

Can we get a show of hands? Who out there can resist a Backstreet Boy in a format suit look? Oh, nobody? That’s what we thought!

Let’s just say, it was really hard for us to not make this entire list just a bunch of suits—Chances video, anyone?! But of ALL the suits they’ve worn together in the past decade, this combo was our favorite (surprisingly—no ties here!) for a few reasons.

For the top three looks, we’re going to dive into some details of each individual outfit

  • AJ:  The pattern in his suit is really chic and unique. It offers a fun play on this more formal group look and allows AJ to still stand out in his own unique, AJ way. 
  • Kevin:  Oh, Kevin. This outdoorsman really cleans up nicely, doesn’t he?! We LOVE the fitted suit look on him and feel that he was given the most classic, formal look for a reason—and he rocks it!
  • Brian: THAT COLOR. What a beautiful hue on our blue-eyed Brian. Plus, anytime a single pop of color is used against neutrals in their group outfits, we’re automatic fans. 
  • Nick: Black on black on black. Such a sleek and polished look for Mr. Carter. And he’s definitely feeling it too, I mean, look at that sultry gaze. Hold on, we need some water.
  • Howie: And we’re back! Howie’s got the most basic suit of the lineup, but we’re actually really feeling the traditional charcoal grey on him! While we wish he’d gotten a more fitted suit like the other guys, we also think he’s really making it work!


2. DNA Release Party Promo @ iHeart Radio (2019)

Okay, before we look at their outfits, pause. Take a deep breath. LOOK AT THEIR FACES. Ugh, so adorable. They look genuinely happy and excited to be promoting their album! #feels

Overall, we’re in love with this layered look for all of them. While we ALWAYS love a shirtless BSB (duh), these guys can pull off the winter vibes quite well. It’s making us want to cozy up with some hot cocoa!

Okay, let’s dive into each of their individual styles:

  • AJ: It surprised us to see AJ in a lighter color, especially when everyone else has a darker color on, but we are HERE FOR IT. It’s the perfect accent pop of color for this photo, still making AJ stand out especially compared against the other four! (Oh, and hi, facial hair is on point!)
  • Howie: The textured look of that opened jacket is a really good look for Howie. It’s simple, but it really looks put together. We’re loving those pockets, too! 
  • Kevin: We’ve determined that Kevin is KING of the scarf look. And while he’s unfortunately not donned in a scarf this time around (c’mon guys, it’s a layered outfit— WHERE is Kevin’s damn scarf?!), we’re digging the cozy neckline on him anyway.
  • Brian:  Someone needs to start a #brianforeverinplaid movement. Combine that plaid shirt (with a little pop of color!) with the leather jacket is a really strong look for Mr. Littrell!
  • Nick:  Wait, Nick isn’t the one in leather this time?! Well, it’s a good thing he can pull off just about any look — ESPECIALLY this cozy gray coat! We love how AJ and Nick sort of bookend the group in their more upscale peacoats while the guys in the middle are a bit more on the casual side. Perfect balance!

1. Vegas Residency Promo/iHeart Festival (2016)

We might be a bit biased on this one simply because these are our favorite colors (our own brand is hot pink + black!) but, c’mon… they look AMAZING here, right?! Once the BSB Vegas promos came out, we declared this our all-time favorite BSB look and we seriously haven’t looked back. 

This color palette is spot on for giving us those fun Vegas vibes that were felt all throughout the show itself. We also really love that they didn’t overdo it with the pops of color here—there’s a perfect balance of black and white, keeping the hot pink (and even a bit of a neon salmon shade) reserved for fun accents. Not to mention, the variety of patterns and textures are what REALLY bring this look to the next level—even incorporating both more relaxed and more polished pieces throughout. 

Here are our favorite parts of their individual looks:

  • Kevin: This long leather jacket on Kevin—holy smokes. Such a good look for him combined with the pop of hot pink underneath. When all put together, this outfit is definitely the right vibe for his longer hair, too. 
  • Brian: We were honestly a bit surprised to see Brian in the most bold, eye-catching piece of the group, but fangirls, HE PULLS IT OFF! Even with the crazy combination of pattern, color, and texture—you can’t deny that Brian is rockin’ this funky blazer. It helps that the rest of his outfit is kept tame with all black to balance everything out. (Side note: can we bring some attention to how damn shiny his shoes are?!)
  • Nick:  More leather is NEVER a complaint of ours! The stripes on his jacket, along with the zippers and belts give it so much unique personality. Balanced with a more relaxed vibe of the ombre t-shirt and black pants — this look is really, really well balanced and feels spot-on for Nick!
  • Howie:  We see you with that hot pink pocket square, Howie! LOVE the patterns within his scarf combined with all black everything else—again, keeping the busy accent piece balanced by not overdoing it with additional accents throughout the outfit. Bravo.
  • AJ:  HOT PINK PANTS FOR THE F-ING WIN. Bring this look back, AJ! The thick-framed glasses, white button-up, classic leather jacket, and that parted gelled hair really round this outfit out and make it one of our all-time fave AJ looks!

Honorable Mentions

While browsing back through the boys’ looks of the past decade, we came across a few that weren’t necessarily material for this specific countdown, but NEEDED to be shared because they’re just that good. So, before we go, let’s leave you with a few honorable mentions!


Spice Girls Group Costume (2019 BSB Cruise)


Kevin’s Fuzzy Pink Pimp Coat (2019 Doritos Commercial)


Nick’s Solo Hot Nerd Look (2016 All American Tour)


In a World Like This Video Outfits (2013) 

*This video also got a shout out in our last decade recap, check it out!

Do you agree with these being the best BSB looks of the past decade? Any that you WISH were on this list? Share your opinion in the comments!

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