Top 10: @BackstreetBoys Music Videos Ranked from 2009-2019

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We’re still in our “New Year/New Decade” mindset over here! And, what better way to reflect on the last 10 years than to take a peek at the music videos from our favorite guys!? And — even better — let’s look back at these videos TRL-style!

That’s right — we’re giving your our personal Top 10 Videos (ranked*) from 2009-2019!

*Keep in mind, this ranking is PURE OPINION. 😉 It’s also based on the VIDEO alone (creativity, aesthetics, cinematography, direction, etc.) and has nothing to do with the actual song or lyrics themselves. 


Someone go get Carson Daly because it’s time to start the countdown!


#10. – It’s Christmas Time Again

So, you MIGHT have thought that this video would get higher up in the rankings because we’re talking creativity and art direction, right? I mean, we’ll give some points for the animation (although some of the faces are a bit nightmarish lol), but beyond that, we want to see the guys’ real faces. We LOVE a good mix of them, a feel-good storyline, and artistic elements to bring it all together. There seem to be a few nods to Christmas traditions throughout various cultures in this video, but overall, WAY too much going on for us to be able to truly enjoy the video for this Christmas jam!


#9. – No Place

Okay, here we go. No hate mail, please. 😉 We know the guys’ families are so freakin’ cute. We know that this is probably THEIR favorite video they’ve done for personal reasons. Heck, it even plays during the DNA live show!

Obviously, it’s a really great concept. We love anything that shows a little behind-the-scenes personal side of the guys’ lives. But, overall, we feel like it’s a little too staged from a visual, creative perspective.

We would’ve loved to see maybe less singing at the camera with their families and more of the playful interactions. This is actually the main reason why the FGL/BSB video ranks higher for us on this list — it felt more real, intimate, and frankly, a bit more creative.

We do love the depictions of things in their house that make it a home — the people! This video showcases their individual favorite family activities, which just brings that real-life vibe back into the song and aligns with the lyrics perfectly. Not quite a full storyline like other videos (which is fine!) but that’s the simple reason why, from a creative perspective, we don’t rank this video quite as high as the others.

Honorable mention, though… Kevin’s feeding the pup a marshmallow right out of his mouth. It doesn’t get much cuter than that. Cuteness factor on 100.


#8. – Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of

So, um, we think there are a few obvious reasons why we love this video. BUT, let’s remember, we are here to provide feedback on visual direction, aesthetics and all things creative! So, while we LOVE the message of this song, it doesn’t rank quite as high just for the creativity itself against the others.

Here’s what we do love about this video:

  • Vulnerability:  LOVE their eye contact with the camera for most of the video. And, from a more specific perspective, we really love Brian being brave enough to show his scar from open heart surgery.
  • Video Quality:  The editing is crisp and modern — we don’t feel like it’ll ever feel “outdated” because it is so simple
  • Individuality: This video never shows the guys as a group, so it makes it feel like they’re truly telling their own story — and pulls a connection to the documentary where they do explain their own stories!

This one had very simple aesthetics, but likely on purpose! It allows the BSB fans to focus on the emotion and the lyrics, without distraction. However, this leans into a bit less creativity.

But, hi. We wouldn’t mind more shirtless videos. #justsayin


#7. – Straight Through My Heart

Sooo, we actually had zero clue that this song had a video! *GASP.* (We know, what kind of fangirls are we, right?!) The whole concept is a little too supernatural for our personal taste, but we do appreciate the creativity around it! We’re thinking that they may have taken this direction to nod to the fact that vampires can only be killed with a stake through the heart?! If that was intentional, then, major brownie points. 😉 Combine the cinematography along with their dance moves, and we’re actually finding ourselves digging this one more and more with every watch.

We’re also really loving their looks in this video — specifically the leather jackets! Plus, the special effects makeup is totally bringing us back to a bit of ‘Everybody’ vibes. (And can anyone confirm if the location at the end of the video is the same from Grease?!)

Okay, we know the commentary on this one is a bit all over the place. But, in our defense, so is this video. 😉 But, hey, throw leather jackets on those boys and we’ll find a way to appreciate the supernatural.


#6. – Bigger

Okay, despite the fact that we’re still missing Kevin in this video, you can’t NOT smile watching it. Even though it’s not super clear WTF is going on, we love the guys looking so laid-back and enjoying themselves! Set in Tokyo, this video seems to embrace documentary-style filming, giving us a more personal, approachable vibe.

We’re not quite sure about the creative direction of this one, though. While, fun, laid-back vibes are felt across the board, we’re suckers for when the video really ties in with a good storyline to bring it all home!

Also, again, no Kevin here. (cue all the crying emojis) 


#5. God Your Mama & Me

Okay, here’s the deal. We’re not big country fans. And, we initially had no idea the guys were in the actual video for this one! So, color us happily surprised when we saw just how good this video is!

Right off the bat, we feel like this one is much more real and personal than the “No Place” video. We’re loving the camera work all the way around — from the campfire spin, to the self-shot documentary-style clips, and just the overall intimate vibes.

To sum it all up for this one, the campfire lighting and the warm, more personal feel ranks this one up there for us!


#4. – Chances

We actually surprised ourselves a bit by having “Chances” so high up in our rankings. Not because we don’t love the video (we do!) but mainly because when we consider aesthetic creativity, our minds go to colors, special effects, all the bells and whistles etc. — kind of like the classic “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” vibes, actually!

“Chances” gives us a unique perspective of a well-thought-out storyline, dancing, acting, and (most importantly) those jaw-dropping suits. The storyline stayed true to the lyrics and played out beautifully through the acting and dancing in the video, which is seriously breathtaking each and every time we watch it. When it comes to camerawork, we really love how everything is sort of layered in the same scene and you don’t even realize it until the camera swings—bonus points!

The creativity, without any crazy special effects, gives this one a surprising spot in the top five for us. A lovely interpretive dance is always an added bonus, too — even if it’s not the boys performing said dance.  😉


#3. – In a World Like This

LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE. Can we say that again?! This was the first video after Kevin re-joined the group (yay!) and they’re all freakin’ GLOWING.

You might be wondering, “Britt, Kelsey, WHY is this video so high up in the rankings?!” When we watched this one back again, we saw it with a new perspective. This video is not only paired with some unique, fun looks for each of the guys, but a heartfelt storyline that hit us in #allthefeels.

The positive energy going into this song is like a breath of fresh air (especially these days). Combine that with a storyline that addresses emotional reactions to controversial topics spanning from terrorist attacks to the legalization of gay marriage, and we’re immediately immersed. The varied depictions of having a loved one with you, who’s “got you” in their words, ties this video together beautifully.

Creative direction is spot on for this video — the bright, uplifting imagery of the boys laughing, playing and having a good time is an incredible balance to a few of the more muted scenes that take on the more serious notes in the storyline. 

Oh… and again, Kevin is officially BACK in this video! 😉


#2. – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

We had a feeling this would be in our top two — and, wellp, here we are!

We VIVIDLY remember the first time we watched this video the morning it was released. And, it was honestly just as exciting watching it this time around. Because, HELLO. Have you seen the fun aesthetics going on for the entire 3 minutes and 50 seconds?!

The striped backgrounds. The dots. The lighting. The outfits. The strategic movement in the camerawork. YOU GUYS — we’re obsessed. Everything seriously ties together so well in this video and we love how cohesive everything looks with each and every scene. It’s emotional. It’s intense. It was the PERFECT debut song to drum up excitement for DNA!

Oh, and the dancing. We cannot get enough of the dancing. LOTS of points for that one in this video because so many fans (and the general public!) know our boys for their epic dance moves. Add in special holographic effects, the lights and camera work that strategically compliment the rhythm of the music, and this one immediately jumps up to take a top spot.


#1. – Let it Be Me

Number freakin’ ONE, you guys! (Is this what it’s like to be Carson Daly?!) The creative direction in this video cannot be beat (although, guys, if you’re reading this — feel free to challenge us and give us a new video any day now. #justsayin!)

Right off the bat, this video reels us in visually. You don’t expect to see people other than BSB, especially other people being interviewed. You can tell, just by the camera focus and black + white effects that personal stories are about to be told. And, it’s intentional, right?! Because, as you already know, the “happy” endings are all in color. (And who’s giving them a message of hope in color first? The boys, of course!)

Also, we get to see how BSB tie in to all of this with their own emotion displayed. They truly are showcased this with their hearts on their sleeves — Brian even in tears. On top of that, the meaningful messages written on the screen a handwritten font just REALLY hit us in the feels. 

This video is ranked number one because of TRUE uniqueness! This surpassed all the other videos, in our eyes, due to the creative way to send a bigger message. Combine that with the visual aesthetics of split screens, color changes, documentary style interviews and not being afraid to show real, deep emotions?! Done. Sold. #1.

Also, did we mention Nick’s dancing twirls? Because, yeah… that may have factored into this being our winner too…


You tell us! Do you agree with these rankings? What would you change? Do you have an absolute favorite or least favorite? Post about it in the comments below!

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