Ask The Fangirl: What is your weirdest interaction with the @BackstreetBoys member?

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Question: What is your weirdest interaction with a Backstreet Boy? – Sierra


I once sent AJ a DM (like 6yrs ago) and said…Just pooping in, instead of popping in. And…that’s the one time he decides to respond.


I was in VIP during the last cruise and was getting a drink. AJ came up on VIP and as I was walking back to where I was, AJ walks up to me holding a big, black dildo and goes, “Look what someone just gave me!”


I’ve only met the guys as a group once, but my main goal was to tell Nick that I had a dream about him once in which he made me ravioli. Well, I did it, and he was oddly receptive, saying, “Let’s do it right now, let’s make some ravioli!” ????????‍♀️ So, I’d call that a pretty weird interaction but it went perfectly in my eyes. LOL


During a meet & greet, I finally got situated between AJ & Nick when Brian decided to go and mess around with Justin and the camera. Bought me maybe a few seconds of extra time. AJ accidentally stepped on my foot and he was like “oh no, I don’t want to mess up your shoe or hurt your foot I’m so sorry” and I said, “you can do whatever you want to my foot.” Like it rolled right out of my mouth. Like it wasn’t even a thing. Completely second nature. ????????‍♀️???? I don’t regret saying it…but…yeah. Awesome. ????


During an after party in Vegas, I was talking to Nick about Key West cause I had just been there the month before. (I also was looking for some scoop about the bar he was looking to buy there.) I told him I went snorkeling and saw a shark and he asked me where I went snorkeling, to which I said “in Key West”. This repeated at least THREE times, with him asking “but where did you snorkel?” and me saying “in Key West.” Come to find out he was asking what reef ????‍♀️


BY FAR, my strangest interaction was with AJ. I was at a ComiCon in TN, standing in the queue for a photo with Howie, and AJ’s booth was right next to it. I had my back to him and all of the sudden, I could FEEL someone behind me. I spun around in just enough time to catch him trying to stick his finger IN MY EAR. His response? “Damnit! You caught me!” Fast forward about 2 hours, and I am standing in line for my professional photo op with AJ. On his way to the photo area, he sneaks up behind me and successfully sticks his finger in my ear, leans in and yells, “GOTCHA!”
I have no idea why that was a game for him. Normally, that would get someone slapped. I am thankful I didn’t involuntarily backhand him!


My 2nd time in Las Vegas and I had a VIP3 table. I didn’t know Brian jumps on the ledge to walk across to the steps to return the stage. I was on the bench seat and was too close. He jumped up in my face and I fell to the ground. I looked up as he was looking down at me. Drew and the security guard from PH were asking me if I was okay. I just kept saying I was fine. I wasn’t hurt but I was humiliated. To make matters worse I had Meet & Greet the next night. Everyone told me Brian would NOT bring it up. Well, I was so nervous it took both Drew and Josh to walk me into the room. Brian’s face lit up when he saw me. 1st thing he says “Oh my gosh… are you okay? I was worried”.


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Brian looking down at Stephanie after she fell.

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