WTF were @BackstreetBoys thinking: “Get Down” music video

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Note: This is a new series on where we question different things that the Backstreet Boys have done throughout their career. 

From the moment the video opens, the Backstreet Boys’ “Get Down” music video is full of questions – like where they hell are they?

Obviously throughout the years, we have gathered that they are in some type of disco ball, although we are not sure why. 

The bigger question is … why are there so many people around them in this big, dancing disco ball? Is this a club of the future? Granted, it’s 24 years later, and it hasn’t happened yet. 

But would you look at Nick Carter and that hair. That’s newly 16-year-old Nick Carter right there with that bannana peel blonde hair and already having his signature sexy eyes look going for him. 

Why is a 16-year-old giving me that look?

Here we have the KFC – Kentucky’s Finest Cousins – doing some kind of dance, which makes me wonder if it’s some kind of dance done in the backwoods of Kentucky. Kevin is doing some type of chicken dance with his neck and Brian is just making a face, trying to take the attention away from Nick, pretty, little Nick. 

At this point, Kevin is just kind of doing a gorilla dance with a duck face. What the hell, Kevin Scott Richardson?

Nevermind. We’ve forgiven you with this hotness.

Oh, that’s right. I forgot Howie was a Backstreet Boy because it seems like I hadn’t seen him in this video except the very very beginning of the music video. And where the hell was Howie popping up from? Did he have to tie his shoe in the middle of the dance?

Don’t get me started on this part. I understand dancing in the middle of a disco ball. I even, kind of, understand the point of the other people in the sections around the disco ball. But why the hell is the rapper just floating in the air above the boys? Is there no gravity in the disco ball? If that was so, why are the boys not floating either?

This. Whole. Segment. Kevin’s weird dancing behind AJ. Then AJ and Kevin looking as if they are having some kind of seizure together. Howie trying to get in on the dancing. And Nick is just back there in the background, grooving to himself. 

There’s nothing wrong with this. We just need more of it in the world.

Why is Brian so pissed off looking? I mean, I get it that he “wants it right now,” but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this pissed off except when Jamie Foxx offered AJ a drink at the 2001 VMA Awards just after AJ got back from rehab. 

Is Brian having emotional problems? Because he went from pissed off to down right giggly.

Suddenly the people in the little squares have lost gravity like the rapper and are starting to float. Why? What purpose? The song is called “Get Down,” not “Float Up,” and apparently Nick Carter is taking the title seriously because he literally got down flat on the floor.

And by the end, all the boys except for AJ (always the rebel) have gotten down, and the people in the little squares have disappeared. Where did they go? Did they float out of the disco ball? Did they fall below the little stage? WHERE DID THE PEOPLE GO BACKSTREET BOYS? We have been waiting since 1996 to find out this answer. 

Yes, we have so many questions about the “Get Down” music video. So many questions. 


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