Ask The Fangirls: Which @BackstreetBoys member is the best hugger?

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Q: Which Backstreet Boy gives the best hugs? – Cianna


I’m biased…but Howie (his are… mhmm)…but if I’m being honest, Kevin. He just wraps all the way around me, pulls me in. It’s warm and inviting.


I feel like I need to work on my expertise in this area…. c’mon boys, release some dates!!!


Kevin gives the best hug. As he’s hugging you he is also telling you how nice it is to see you and thanks you for coming. His strong arms around you and his soothing voice will put any nerves you had at ease.


Oh man this is hard! I love any and all hugs from each of the guys. I am a Nick girl through and through, and I love his hugs, but…AJ always seems to wrap me all the way up though, and squeezes me the tightest. AJ. Final answer.



Hmmm…I’d say for going down the line during a meet and greet – AJ. He really holds the hug for a second or so longer and it feels like you’re reuniting with an old friend.
For an actual pose during a photo – Nick. It’s a tight hug that gives you little room to breathe or move (not that you’d want to anyways).

*Disclaimer – I’ve only ever pose hugged Nick, this may be a biased vote ????


I agree with Cindy. If you’re going down a line, besides Nick, it’s definitely AJ, although Kevin gives great hugs, too. Nick however always gives me the tightest hugs. Maybe it’s because he knows me, or because he knows he’s my favorite, but he does give his faves a really tight hug, rubbing your back and usually whispers something in your ear. Or at least he does me. LOL

AJ’s hugs are always very warm and inviting. Kevin’s are very strong and sturdy. It’s not just a little pat on the back.


This is a super tough one! I like hugs from all of them, especially Nick since he is my favorite. However, I feel like AJ gives the biggest hugs, but I also feel like Kevin’s hugs are so genuine!

This was my first hug from Kevin after he came back to BSB.






Oh, this is going to be interesting (because there are so many Nick girls on our team!).

I will travel where ever it is necessary for an AJ hug. He hugs you like a long-time friend and (sometimes) closes his eyes like HE is happy to see YOU.

Despite being an A-Rok girl, my equally deserving answer is Kevin. When he hugs me, I BELIEVE that he is thankful that I (we- the fans) are still showing up all of these years. I feel his humility and gratitude in his hugs, if that makes sense. 


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