ATCK: 9 reasons why you don’t want to miss @AJ_McLean’s latest passion project

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AJ McLean is a chameleon; he is a man of many talents and infinite interests. It comes as no surprise (at least not to AJ girls who’ve been around for any length of time) that the man does not sit still.

He is always getting involved in a new partnership or project. Let’s reminisce, shall we?

  • Started a non-profit [Live Together Foundation]
  • Partnered with a line of vape liquids [Skulleeroz Vapor]
  • Endorsed specialty phone cases [Avil Cases]
  • Briefly sold online beauty boxes [FitFabFun]
  • Acted in a sci-fi movie with fellow boy-banders [Dead 7; there were several ComiCon appearances associated with this one]
  • Slowly started to release songs from his debut country album [Long Road, for which we are eagerly waiting]

One thing is for sure- AJ girls are never bored. And now there is a new passion project for all of us to get behind: ATCK (which stands for All the Cool Kids).

The brainchild of AJ and Springfield, MO native Brandon Mashburn (aka DJ Lux), ATCK will feature a revolving door of “Cool Kids” during their nine-date tour in the midwest that kicks off in Tulsa, OK on January 17. 

In honor of the nine January tour dates (so far), here are nine reasons you don’t want to miss an ATCK show:

9.) Get a Backstreet fix, or at least ⅕ of one. (I don’t know about you, but I still have post-concert depression from my final DNA show in September!)

8.) AJ is a completely different performer/person when he isn’t with the group. (They all are. I love seeing them thrive individually.) You don’t want to miss his contagious energy.

7.) DJ Lux is kind of a big deal. While he will be mixing and mastering during the ATCK set, DJ Lux owns Dynamite Music Group (a production company) and has mixed records for artists like U2 and Beyonce.

6.) Most of these venues are intended for more intimate performances (see: all Tin Roof locations). Expect crowds at Tin Roof venues to top out between 200-300 people.

5.) Admission to all shows is incredibly affordable, if not free! (Tell me that isn’t a blessing after DNA ticket prices…) Both performances at Hard Rock Tulsa (Jan. 17 and Jan. 18) are free; general admission to all Tin Roof location shows is $20; general admission at 115 Bourbon Street (Chicago) is $15. Buy ticketshere.

4.) Do you like men with tattoos? (You are reading an AJ-centric blog post…) Get ready for tattoo overload when AJ is onstage with ATCK drummer Ryan Stevenson. Check out his ink and his bad-ass talent:


3.) There are Meet & Greets! (TBD on Tulsa; but the other seven shows have M&G availablehere.) If you’ve never had an AJ hug, here’s your chance! If you have had an AJ hug, you have probably already bought your M&G and whatever plane ticket that will get you to this hug. #WorthIt

2.) There’s a good chance you’ll get to hearthis gem… live. I can’t wait to turn beet-red when he sings this in my presence. (Video credit to the owner of the YouTube channel.)

1.) It’s never a bad idea to support the Boys we love. Think about every moment a raspy AJ lyric has been there for you– to celebrate, to commiserate, to communicate (likely emotions you were unable to put into words, but he did it so eloquently). Now we can be there to support him, in whatever passion project he throws himself into. SIGN. ME. UP.

If you’re considering a M&G at any of these shows, be sure to get yours ASAP. My Spidey senses tell me that they’ll sell out soon.

For all of the latest and greatest on ATCK adventures, present and future, like the ATCK Facebook page and follow the @OfficialATCK Twitter account.

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