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Site Updates & More: Upcoming posts and why we are now a community

by | Jan 5, 2020 | Site News | 0 comments

First off, I just want to say THANK YOU for all the comments, tweets, emails, etc. since just before Christmas when the site officially launched. 

I know since the Boys on the Block days that we’ve been through a few things, from changing to The Fangirling Life, to now, but I believe this is the final reincarnation of the site. 

Thanks to all of the girls who have joined the site, is finally what I always wanted when I opened Boys on the Block. I always wanted it to be a community of writers and while some tried, it just never worked out. With my busy work schedules (from my old job to my current job) and having to take care of my disabled mother, I just can’t keep up a blog of this magnitude myself. I enjoy doing the backend stuff and I’m not always in the writing mood, especially after a long 12-hour day. Plus, I have my fiction writing that I want to make a priority. I need to finish this novel that I’ve been working on since July. One day it will be finished. 

I just always wanted to give other people a place to share their voice. With the exception of Britt & Kelsey who I have only just recently met and have yet to meet in person, I know, love, and respect all of the girls who are a part of this site. I know they have things that they want to say and I want to give them a place to do that. Not everybody is able to do all the technical things for a site nor should they have to worry about it. I love the technical side of it.  

Plus, everybody deserves to be able to have their voice heard. 

Coming up, we have so many things that have already been done and scheduled for the site! Expect some posts about Howie’s upcoming play in Omaha, things about AJ’s upcoming shows with ATCK, and some more fun and creative things that we all have in the bag! Ya’ll just have no idea. 

We don’t want to ruin all the surprises, right?

So on behalf of me, Steph, Andie, Cindy, Carrie, Kerry, Kim, Britt & Kelsey, Brittany, Lisa, Melly, and Amanda, we thank you for all the feedback!

Site Updates: I have been working on various pages on the site, especially under “Backstreet Boys” on the menu. There you can find important Backstreet Boys dates and I’m also working on Tour pages. 

We hope your Monday is as exciting as Tim McGraw was at the 2017 Academy of Country Music Awards when Backstreet Boys took the stage.