Thoughts: 2019 was what dreams are made of for @BackstreetBoys fans

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Do you remember that song “What Dreams Are Made Of” from the “Lizzie McGuire Movie?” That’s what I think of when I try to put what 2019 was for myself, and I’m sure other Backstreet Boys fans, meant to me. 

Last year, 2018, ended with a bang. Literally. The boys were on “Steve Harvey’s New Year’s Eve Party” with a taped performance from Las Vegas, not the mention the release of “Chances”  and the huge success of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” earlier in the year. 

But 2019 blew 2018 away.

The year started with promotion, promotion, and promotion, which is exactly what the boys needed. After years of Jive not helping promote the albums they released, the Backstreet Boys had the help of their big-time label, RCA. 


Really, the biggest thing this year was the boys getting back to Number 1 on the Billboard charts. Sure, the ticket bundle helped, but who cares? We were all going to buy the damn CD anyway. A lot of other fandoms have thrown this out, to take away from our boys being at the top of the charts, but you know what? They weren’t alone. 

The Jonas Brothers and Harry Styles did the same exact thing when tickets for their tours went on sale and they ended up at number one. 

Being back on top wasn’t just good for the boys, it was good for fans, too. It gave us something to brag about. 

“Did you hear my boys were number one last week on the charts?”

How many of us said that to someone? I know I did and continued to until I didn’t have to keep reminding people. 

The feeling of knowing that our boys were back on top was a feeling that you couldn’t just buy in a store. It was like this instant satisfaction that everything we’ve known since the day we all individually fell in love with the Backstreet Boys. 

In 2019 alone, the Backstreet Boys:

  • Had a number one album;
  • Had a best-selling, sold-out tour;
  • Had a hit song with Steve Aoki;
  • Had an exhibit at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles;
  • Given a key to the City of Las Vegas;
  • Had a high highly-popular Super Bowl commercial with Chance the Rapper;
  • A re-recorded version of “God, Your Mama, & Me” on FGL’s acoustic album;
  • A re-recorded version of “I Want It That Way”;
  • Ended their record-breaking Vegas residency; 
  • Attended the Grammy’s with a nomination; and
  • Had a Video Music Awards nomination;

I’m sure there’s more that they accomplished this year and I just can’t think of it all off the top of my head. 

The boys owned 1999 and 20 years later, they practically owned 2019. As we know, 2000 was a big year for them, so maybe, just maybe, 2020 will be just as good!

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