Things @BackstreetBoys Should Accomplish in the Next Decade

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It’s very rare that you see a group last as long as the Backstreet Boys have. In the next decade, the boys will celebrate their 30th year together. Seriously, Nick Carter has been a Backstreet Boy almost as long as he’s been Nick Carter. 

But even though in the past almost 26 years, there are still things the Backstreet Boys have yet to accomplish. 

We all know that one we have been waiting on forever, the elusive one – the Grammy. 


They were up for Best New Artist in 1999, but they didn’t win. Was that a good thing or not? Possibly a good thing. It’s been known for years of the Best New Artist jinx at the Grammy Awards. 

Sure, people such as Mariah Carey and The Beatles have won Best New Artist, but what about Arrested Development? LeAnn Rimes? Milli Vanilli? Evanescence? Paula Cole?

They were ROBBED in the 2000 Grammy Awards by Rob Thomas and Santana, along with Steely Dan. I will fight to my last breath that the boys were robbed. 

They have had nine Grammy nominations since 1999 and yet to win one. It’s almost like Leonardo DiCaprio and the Best Actor Oscar award. He finally won it. 

Backstreet Boys will win a Grammy during the next decade – mark my word. 

Return to Vegas

Another thing that the Backstreet Boys should accomplish in the next decade is another Vegas residency. I know I was against it originally when the idea popped up, but fell in love with it after a few visits to see the “Larger Than Life” residency at Planet Hollywood. 

With all of the boys’ children in school (except Baylee who will be done with his education unless he goes to college), another Las Vegas residency is something that will probably happen (at least in my opinion). Odin is already going to preschool and Lyric will start soon if she hasn’t already … another Las Vegas residency just seems reasonable. Plus, I miss Vegas. 

Producers & Songwriters

After the success of “DNA” and the “DNA World Tour,” I feel like for the boys’ next record, more well-known producers and writers will be working with them. “DNA” had an incredible resume of producers, such as the Stereotypes and Ryan Tedder, and including songs by such hit artists Tedder, Shawn Mendes, and country singer Dustin Lynch.

Country Music

With a new album, I would like to see the boys touch that country audience once again. While “Drowning” had a country feel to it back in the day (and I saw the music video play on CMT once!), I want to see them branch more into the genre on their own. “No Place” had a good run on Sirius XM’s country stations, but didn’t hit much on actual country radio.

The Backstreet Boys were so widely accepted with their duet with Florida Georgia Line, even performing the TV debut of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” on the CMT Music Awards, actually releasing a country singer and backing it strongly could prove wonders. Right now, in my opinion, a lot of the new hot country artists don’t hold much talent. There are a few, like Dan & Shay, Kelsea Ballerini, and Thomas Rhett, who do have the talent, so I think Backstreet Boys would fit in good because not only do they have the talent and voices for country, they also have the nostalgia thing going for them. 

Remember Tim McGraw during the 2017 Academy of Country Music Awards? Fangirling at the hardest. 

We know there will be more albums and more tours, because the Backstreet Boys are not going anywhere anytime soon. What band has this much success 20 years after they were at the height of their fame? Queen maybe, especially the last two years or so, but it’s rare for a group to come back.

The Backstreet Boys are back … because Backstreet’s Back (lol) and I have no doubt that they will accomplish these things in the next decade. 


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