Backstreet Boys and Relationships – When your other half meets your boy

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“Hey babe, did you hear anything about the next cruise?”

These are words from my husband that I thought I’d never hear. When I came back to the fandom in 2013, we were 4 years into our relationship, and he had no idea that I was a fangirl. 

His introduction into the fangirl world actually came in the middle of watching Seth Rogan’s ‘This is the End’. During the final scene, I started to fangirl scream in the middle of the theatre. He was positively shocked at my reaction, but we left it at that.

Over the next year, I became obsessed with the boys all over again. I then took it to a whole new extreme when I went on the 2014 cruise. He knew I was excited and that this was the first time that I was meeting them but sadly, he just didn’t get it.

I came back from the cruise and literally all I talked about for weeks were the boys. Naturally, he got sick and tired of hearing about it. It caused quite a few fights but nothing we couldn’t work out since we had gotten engaged a few weeks prior to the cruise.

After the cruise, I suffered a pretty major depression and all my free time was spent researching anything I could about the boys, watching whatever I could get my hands on and literally mentioning Kevin’s name any chance I could. Even I knew it was too much, but at this time I was very stressed about planning a wedding and a crazy period at work.

Joe and I during our religious ceremony (November 2015).

After our wedding, I came to the realization that my new husband felt a bit jealous and was slightly intimated. While my attraction to Kevin is nothing but a schoolgirl crush, my husband was worried that dear old Kevin would sweep me off my feet somehow. 

To bridge the gap, I took my husband to a BSB Vegas show in April 2017. Like most husbands, he wasn’t keen on going, but he knew that this aspect of my life was important and went anyway. While he’ll never tell this to any of his friends, he actually quite enjoyed the show (even if it wasn’t his style).

I had also booked a VIP after party because I knew it was a bit informal and you got to meet some of the guys. Truth be told, I was praying that Kevin would show up because he’s the one I wanted my husband to meet the most. I got lucky that night and Kevin did show up, with Howie in tow. Although their interaction was short and sweet, they got on marvelously and really hit it off. He enjoyed meeting Howie as well but felt more of a connection with Kevin. When we got back to our room, he told me he appreciated how kind Kevin had been towards us and that he could see how much my presence meant to Kevin. 

After that night, our relationship changed. He was more supportive than ever and had stopped freaking out when anything came up.

After a few months of good behavior, I asked what had changed for him. He said he hadn’t seen me that happy in a long time and that this outlet was just what I needed. I’d say he’s made a 98% turn around. I know I’m a lot to handle but I do appreciate his willingness to be supportive and understanding. Every so often, I get a text asking if I can get a copy of this pic and then I know he’s started to embrace this crazy lifestyle of mine.

Kevin, Joe, and I.


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