Top 5 reasons why @NickCarter is forever my favorite Backstreet Boy

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I know if you come to my site that it’s not shocking news when I say that Nick Carter is my favorite Backstreet Boy, right?

I mean, look at him.

But with recent things in the news and some people who let things consume them, I wanted to throw out some positive things about Nickolas Gene Carter.

1. His voice.

Nick’s voice is one of my favorite things about him. I didn’t know at first who was singing the songs on the cassette tape when I borrowed it from my cousin’s son after Grad Nite when I became a fan, but it was his voice I was immediately drawn to.

When he was younger, it was very raspy, kind of whiny (I can admit that!) and as he got older, it became a little bit more rockish.

But now, in his late 30’s and just a few months from turning 40 (*cries*), his voice is possibly one of the best, if not the best, of the group. He has fine-tuned his voice perfectly over the years, knowing what notes to hit and how long to hold a note.


2. His solo music

Out of all five of the guys, it’s Nick’s solo music that I’m the most drawn to. Is it because he’s my favorite Backstreet Boy? Possibly, but it seems as if Nick and I have always been drawn to a lot of the same music. Sure, I don’t care for the hardcore metal that he likes. His first album he ever bought was Journey, and it was also one of my first albums as a kid.

His love of ’80s music is really why I think his solo music is my favorite. “Now or Never” is still one of my Top 5 favorite albums of all time. “All American” is right up there with it. His love of rap music coincides with mine (I was the fat white girl as a kid who loves The Fat Boys and N.W.A.).

But really it’s when he just sits there with a guitar that really makes my heart flutter. When he sings my favorite Duran Duran song during soundcheck or breaks out The Cars’ “Just What I Needed” which steals my heart because it was one of my favorite parts of his first solo tour.

3. His honesty

There are going to be those who read this and laugh at the fact that Nick is ever honest because of all the conspiracy theories out there by people who have nothing better to do with their time.

But one of the main reasons Nick is my favorite Backstreet Boy is the fact that he’s open and honest with his feelings. No, he was not always that way, but I believe as he got older, he just felt that it was healthy to be that way. His book moved me personally because I saw him at his worst and I’ve seen him at his best. At his worst, as he called it, he helped me realize something about myself and changed the course of my life.

He doesn’t really owe us fans any honesty at all. He’s a singer in a band we all love, but he does it anyway because that’s who he’s become.

4. His family

This one probably has gotten a few looks. Nick’s been open about his family dynamics since the “House of Carter” days, but I’m talking about the family he chose – The Backstreet family.

I thoroughly believe that if Kevin, Brian, Howie, and AJ didn’t come into Nick’s life, we may have never known who Nick Carter was. They were and are his family when he doesn’t have much to do with his real family.

Not everybody is meant to have that cookie-cutter family life like you see on television or in the movies. I didn’t have that. I don’t talk for 75% of my family, so in a way, I can relate to this. I’ve chosen my own family – my Backstreet Boys sisters – who have been there for me when a lot of my own family has not.

So I understand Nick when he talks about how much the guys mean to him. That’s how I feel about my friends.

And while this part was mostly about his brothers, it’s also about the family he has made with Lauren. They are perfect together. Some might not think so, but you know what I say to that? Fuck them. Nick has never been happier and that’s all I really care about (besides the fact that I think Lauren rocks.)

5. Sense of humor

I’ll be the first to say that Brian might be the funniest Backstreet Boy, but to me, Nick’s sense of humor is right up there with his. From the first time I saw them on television which wasn’t a music video was the Backstreet Boys’ Favorite Videos special on MTV.

Nick cracked me up the entire time.

Over the years, I think he may have just gotten funnier. From doing impressions of Cookie Monster to his Enrique Iglesias’ impression of “Hero,” it doesn’t matter what’s going on, Nick can always put a smile on your face. It might be picking at Howie with his nipples in the “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)” music video.

So in short – I’m a Nick girl. I’ve always been a Nick girl. I’ll always be a Nick girl.


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