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Review: @BackstreetBoys pit is pretty awesome (Birmingham)

by | Sep 29, 2019 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Concert Reviews, Music, Pop Music, Slideshow, Videos | 0 comments

For my third Backstreet Boys’ DNA World Tour show, Julia and I decided to do pit in Birmingham, Alabama, about 2 hours or so away from Atlanta. This was my first time doing pit (side pit) for the tour and considering it was close to home and tickets were cheaper, we decided to go for it.

Plus, in Birmingham, Julia was finally able to do VIP for this tour since upgrades weren’t offered in Atlanta.

We drove over to Birmingham and instantly were surprised that our girls Nicky and Ashley were there, which made the day even better. We hung out with them outside before it was time to go in, laughing, joking, talking, and side-eyeing certain people.

Due to the venue, the photos with the boys were done first backstage and then we had to go back up to the VIP lounge, but since we had pit, we decided just to head to pit to get a good spot.

But back to the meet and greet – as always, Brian mentions seeing familiar faces, which he does every single time, or either he calls me Atlanta. AJ complimented my “Now or Never” shirt although I wonder if he knew it was a Nick shirt.

Then my boy Nick. Instantly he says he loved my shirt and hugged me tight and I just point to my “My Confession” tattoo because I wanted to remember to show him since I forgot to do it in Washington, D.C. He instantly loved him, looking at it and said the handwriting was really good. My response? “It should, you wrote it.” He’s like “I know.” We take our photo and then he hugs me again, saying “Kaaaaaaaraaaaaaah” which always cracks me up.

We stand there talking for a few more seconds and Kevin just decides to wrap his arms around me to hug me and I’m like, “Oh, hey Kevin.” LMAO! Then it was Howie who I hugged and he asked if this was my last show of the tour and I told him I’d see him in Pittsburgh.

I always feel bad that they put Howie at the end because by the time you get to him, you feel so rushed.

So we head to our spot in pit, which we got a really good spot. Baylee came on and was great as always and then the boys came on.

Since this was my third show, I’m not going to go into every single detail but will point a few things out.

  • Nick and I have a new song. It’s called “Drowning.” I was videoing the song when he got right in front of me doing this over-everything sexualness of the song. Luckily a girl just down from me got it on video since I got way too into it and my hand just dropped while videoing. (Click here to see the side by side videos)
  • Kevin Richardson owns me, well, Nick owns me, but Kevin is right up there. He was on fire the entire time.
  • Brian’s voice sounded amazing.
  • I got to see Chrissy for a bit! And Amanda was with us in pit!
  • I am so spoiled that being 2nd row in Atlanta literally made me feel like I was a thousand rows back, even though Nick saw me and acknowledged me, just being that close is where it’s at. Pit or front row.

Next up? Pittsburgh 10 days later, which will be in another post. 🙂 Enjoy these videos and photos below!