5 things every @BackstreetBoys fan should watch

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While the hardcore, been around twenty-plus years fans have watched these videos, etc., some of the newer fans who have come back in the fold or just discovered the fans may not have seen them.

Shall we call it the Bible of the Backstreet Boys?

These are not just great concert videos, but also contain a look into who the Backstreet Boys are as a group and who they are as people. Sometimes I feel like people forget that while they are insanely talented and hot, that deep down they are people, too.

Some of these videos may not be available to rent, buy, or stream. However, some may be available on Amazon or eBay for purchase.

1. “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” documentary

Release Date: 2015
Available: Purchase on Amazon, Ebay
Stream: Amazon Prime

“Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” is the one thing that I tell everybody to watch, whether they are fans or not because they will understand what it is to be a Backstreet Boy and a Backstreet Boys fan.

You learn about their history. You learn about how they got to where they were in 2013 when the tour they rehearsed for kicked-off. You learn about the good times and the bad times.

If you consider yourself a Backstreet Boys fan and haven’t watched this, you need to question your love of the fandom.

2. “Around The World”

Release Date: 2001
Available: Purchase on Amazon. (Also eBay.)

In 2000, the Backstreet Boys flew around the world in 100 hours on a private plane, beginning in Sweeden, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and finally the United States. What was the trip for? To promote the release of their new album, “Black & Blue.”

Why should you watch this since it’s so old? You get to see the boys in their prime and on top of the world. Seriously, back then, you couldn’t turn on the radio or TV without seeing them somewhere and to be honest, “Around The World” was the first glimpse we got into what the guys were like off stage, not filming a music video, or doing an interview on a talk show.

It was the Backstreet Boys at their purest.

3. Concerts

This is actually more than one DVD. It’s some DVDs, some VHS’ and streams. But as a new Backstreet Boys fan, you need to see some of their past tours. Unfortunately, not all of them are on DVD, but thanks to the internet, a lot of them are online.

Backstreet Boys – 1997 – Germany (YouTube)
Backstreet Boys – 1997 – Germany (DVD)
Vina – 1998 (YouTube)
A Night Out – 1998 – Germany (Amazon Prime/DVD)
Homecoming – 1998 – Orlando (DVD)
Into the Millennium – 1999 – Barcelona (YouTube)
Into the Millennium – 2000 – Misc. (Believed to be Indy) (YouTube)
Into the Millennium – 2000 – Penn State (YouTube)
Black & Blue – 2001 – Dallas (YouTube)
Black & Blue – 2001 – Mexico City (YouTube)
Never Gone – 2006 – South Korea (YouTube)
Unbreakable – 2008 – London (YouTube)
This Is Us – 2009 – Japan (YouTube)
NKOTBSB – 2012 – London (YouTube)
In A World Like This – 2013 – Japan (Bluray, DVD)
Festival De Vina (Basically the Vegas residency) – 2019 (YouTube)

4. VH1 Behind the Music

Watch on YouTube in this playlist.

Like “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of,” the boys’ 2005 “Behind The Music” episode is a look at their past, about their break when Nick did a solo album, and getting back together to record “Never Gone.”

The boys get a little deeper with their real documentary, but this has a lot of footage that wasn’t seen in “SEWYMO.” We get interviews with everybody, including Leighanne, and you see a clip of the boys’ in their first real concert back after their break at the very end (which I attended). Funny story, no one was allowed cameras in, but I snuck one in and got photos. VH1 wanted to use them, but because this was the days before digital cameras, I only had the originals. I lost the negatives and they said they wouldn’t return them.

5. Grammy Museum Q&A

Click here to watch on YouTube.

The Grammy Museum Q&A is really the most recent thing on this list, but it’s so good. Hosted by JoJo Wright, one of their longtime DJ friends (who is seen on the “Around The World” DVD, you see the guys being hella silly, telling stories that some of us have never heard (shocking, I know!), and being their usual selves.

I think how carefree they are here is what makes the interview so good.

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