Thoughts: Why I will always support Nick Carter

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Here’s a little story that I’ve talked about before – A girl was lost, depressed, ready to off herself and had dropped out of college. A boy talked me into going back to college to follow my passion of writing. I go back, graduate, become an award-winning journalist and finally get out of my small town.

The girl is me and the boy is Nick Carter.

I know that I’m known for being a huge Nick Carter fan. It was Nick who got me into the Backstreet Boys when I was so anti-anything boy band related. I was all into country and rap (weird combo I know). I’m kind of known for being very vocal about how great of a singer, songwriter, and performer he is. He has that thing about him that reminds me of Elvis Presley, the other person I’m fascinated with that I never got to see live because he died before I was born.

And as anybody can guess, you know how I feel about the “allegations” that came out against him two years ago.

I support him.

I’ve been asked a lot on why do I support him? Is it just because he’s a Backstreet Boy? Is it just because he’s hot or a celebrity?

The answer to those will always be no.

As someone who has been a victim in my life pre-BSB, I support him because I was around during that period. It was THAT Nick Carter that helped me get my life back on track. It was that Nick Carter who put me on the path that I’m on now. It was that Nick Carter that saved me from my own worst enemy – myself.

Nick was very open in his autobiography/self-help book. As one of the first fans to read it since I reviewed it for my previous job, reading it made me proud of the person he has become. We were both going through some awful shit around the same time – lost, confused, and all other kinds of crap. He got himself out of it, but he helped me when he didn’t really know it. (He does now)

I wrote a post about two weeks ago asking why there was so much hate in the Backstreet Boys fandom and while there is, the harassment on people who support Nick Carter has been taken too far.

No amount of tweets, DMs from different accounts, and harassment will make me stop supporting Nick Carter. No accusations will make me stop supporting him. NOTHING. Got it? Because not only do I support him as an artist, I support him as a human being who has never been anything less than absolutely amazing to me.

And that is why I support Nick Carter.

Come at me all you want for supporting him.

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