Thoughts: We all have a fave Backstreet Boy, but do you rank the other four?

by | May 28, 2019 | Backstreet Boys, Thoughts | 1 comment

As I was trolling through Facebook today,, I saw a few posts where someone was asking who everybody’s favorite Backstreet Boys was.

Nick Carter is my favorite Backstreet Boy. Always has been. Always will be. (Okay, I’m not counting when I “divorced” him when he was dating an unmentionable socialite just because I despised what she represented. Kevin fans call the “dark period” when he left the group. I call that Nick’s “dark period”). Okay, it wasn’t really a divorce, but more like, ugh.

It’s basically been Nick Carter for me since the moment he asked me if he was sexual at Grad Nite on May 1, 1998. I instantly needed to know who this blonde boy who had a perfect voice was.

Over the years my second favorite – least favorite changed back and forth. For a long time AJ McLean was my second favorite, then Brian, and Kevin, and Howie, and it would go all back and forth depending on if I had a great encounter with them or if they performed a certain song (like Brian and “Don’t Take The Girl).

But now? The past few years I’ve found myself almost unable to rank them anymore. I love them all equally. Nick is obviously first, but it’s almost as if someone asked Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex and the City” to pick her top four favorite part of shoes. It’s impossible.

They all have their moments where I’m like, “God, you’re an idiot,” or “God, you are magnificent and could give Nick a run at number one.”

So am I the only one that can’t really rank my favorites anymore besides my real favorite? Have I grown up in my fangirling ways that I love the other four all equally?

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