Thoughts: Don’t like the DNA World Tour set list? Guess what?

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Note: As with my previous posts from this weekend, this post contains spoilers for the Backstreet Boys’ DNA World Tour, especially the set list. So it is up to you to close out of this post without reading any further.

Months ago, fans knew that there would be around 32 songs on the DNA World Tour. The Backstreet Boys said online, in interviews, etc., that some songs would be partial or songs mixed together.

When the tour debuted Saturday evening in Lisbon, Portugal, fans were shocked at what a great set list it is. (Click here for the set list)

I know for one, I loved the set list. It has songs from the red album that weren’t singles (“I Wanna Be With You”) to “Millennium” (“Don’t Wanna Lose You Now” and “Don’t Want You Back”).

Then there are fans who are complaining, arguing with one another on social media, that the tour doesn’t have enough songs from “DNA.” In total, there are nine songs from “DNA” that are performed – just not in its entirety. Five songs from “DNA” are performed in its entirety.

Guess what? It’s not my choice or your choice. You know whose choice it is? The Backstreet Boys, their management, and the directors of the tour.

They have listened to us when we have said that there are some other songs we want to hear like “That’s The Way I Like It” and “I Wanna Be With You” which they performed on the last cruise in 2018. Fans went ape-sh*t crazy for the songs and they saw that’s what we wanted.

They’ve added songs like “Undone” which was one of the most popular performances in Las Vegas and “It’s Gotta Be You.”

Fans said they wanted that and the boys listened.

Am I disappointed that songs from “Unbreakable” and “In A World Like This” aren’t a part of the show? Sure, of course I am. But they can’t stand up there and sing for four hours as much as we would LOVE that, they can’t do it.

But I respect the boys enough to understand that they know what’s best for their show. They have been doing this for 26 years and I think they know by now what they are doing.

Tours change after some shows and even though Brian tweeted a fan saying there’s a “5 percent chance” that the set list could change, there’s always the chance that it can. I feel like a few songs from each of their tours have changed around a little at some point.

The boys know what they are doing and it’s not up to use to tell them they are making a mistake.

It’s okay to have an opinion – they are like assholes – we all have them – but it’s another to be nasty to one of the guys because “Siberia” wasn’t included.

Let’s be happy again that this tour has finally began, that fans are getting “Nowie” after parties, and that the boys are still performing, touring, coming to a city near you.

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