With a new @BackstreetBoys tour starting, remember your concert etiquette

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Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas, Nevada, in October 2018. / Photo by Karah.

The Backstreet Boys begin their first real arena tour in 18 years this coming weekend and for some fans, they haven’t seen the boys in three our four years since the “In A World Like This” tour.

For others, they may not have seen them since the “Millennium” tour.

Now that we are all (for the most part) functioning adults, I decided to take the time to sit down and write out some concert etiquette rules that one should know while attending concerts.

No breaking lines

If you get to the venue to line up for pit and someone is in front of you, do not break the line. It doesn’t matter how clever you think you are. They were there first and unless you are the wife of one of the boys (which, you wouldn’t be in line for pit or VIP in the first place), you are no better than anyone else. Don’t break any lines. It’s rude and uncalled for.

Which leads to if you get to the venue late and general admission VIP pit has already entered the pit space, get where you can and be happy that you are there. Do not try to push or shove your way to the front.


It’s one thing to hold a small sign up if one of the guys is coming over towards you, but do not hold the sign up the entire concert or even while they are on the opposite side of the stage. They probably saw it in the first 20 minutes of the show and there’s no use in holding it up again. We know you think “Kevin is Heaven” and you “Want It Nick’s Way,” but people behind you are trying to see.

Dancing & Drinking

It’s perfectly fine to be happy and dance at concerts, as long as you are not in someone else’s general private space. Trust me, I’ve been to concerts where someone is so drunk that they are trying to grind on me. Great, but unless you are a Backstreet Boy, I don’t want you grinding on me.

If you want to drink at the concert, go for it, but why would you want to be so out of it that you don’t remember the concert that you paid $400 a ticket for? Please remember that some people around you do not drink and want to take in every single moment of the show.

If you want to get plastered at a show, more power to you, but remember that if you get so drunk that you’re acting crazy, you’re taking the attention off of the boys and someone is looking at you like you’re a hot mess.

P.S. If you’re holding a full glass of beer, hold your hand steady because most people do not like beer spilled on them. K. Thanx.

Pushing & Shoving

This goes back to the first point, but please do not push or shove other fans because you think you will be able to touch AJ McLean. You may not know what kind of medical condition someone in front of you may have and shoving them could legit hurt them or cause injury.

Put your phone away

This is a 50/50 thing. If you’re using your phone to take pictures or videos, okay, but if you’re standing in front of pit, literally a foot away from Nick Carter as he’s doing a sexy dance, the last thing he wants to see is that some fan is standing there texting someone or typing on social media.

Pay attention to the concert because this is a once in a lifetime thing. Our boys are on top of their game again and selling out arenas. Your twitter or the text to your co-worker can wait.

Speaking of phones and cameras …

When taking photos, turn your flash off. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your smartphone or your camera. A flash is only good for so many feet, so if you’re in Row Z on the floor, all your flash is going to do is brighten up the top of heads for a few rows in front of you. If you’re in pit, the flash could potentially blind Howie and make him fall off stage.

Nobody likes a broken Howie. That is NOT how-ie do it.

The lights on stage are enough to make the boys visible in your photos. There is no light better than natural light and during a concert, the concert lights are natural light.

Have fun!

Remember, this is the tour we have been waiting a long time for. There’s going to be 30-plus songs and fun to be had. Just remember to act like a human being with manners and we are sure to have the time of our lives!

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