Thoughts: Can the BSB/NSync tour talks go ‘Bye Bye Bye?’

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Warning: I’m a hardcore Backstreet Boys fan, but always had a small soft spot for NSync because of JC Chasez. So if you’re an NSync fan, this is my opinion and only my opinion and does not represents anybody else’s but mine and yours if you agree with me.

The whole talk about NSync coming back together to tour with Backstreet Boys needs to stop.


Would I hate if NSync got back together? Not really, because Justin was always my least favorite of the group, so a group led by Mr. Joshua Chasez would be a-mazing. But do I want them to tour with Backstreet Boys?


For one, thing, let’s be realistic here and I’m not shaming anybody because I’m not perfect myself, but could Joey and Chris and maybe even JC, hold out to do an hour and a half show of the type of dancing that NSync was known for? Let’s be real. NSync were great dancers. Vocal harmony was not their strongest suit, so they were the epitome of a boy band. But JC, Joey and Chris are not in the same shape they were back in the day. Lance however has taken the vampire blood that Kevin Richardson and Paul Rudd drinks because he looks amazing.

Two, I don’t want to compete against NSync fans in order to get good tickets.

When NKOTBSB toured together, I LOVED THE IDEA because it was my two favorite boy bands – my first loves and my real loves. But when it came time to buy tickets, it was frustrating because New Kids fans had different meet and greet packages that included front row or first 10 row tickets while Backstreet Boys didn’t. So in a way, Backstreet Boys fans got the shaft during that tour. I know I did for the most part. Spoiled? Yes, I am.

So I do not want to compete with hungry NSync fans because these fans are like NKOTB fans back when New Kids came back on the scene or Jonas Brothers fans today. They are hungry for their boys and I don’t want to fight with that.

Third, ticket prices will skyrocket. People complain about concert ticket prices right now and trust me, I spent more than I wanted to for tickets for the DNA World Tour, but it’s Backstreet Boys. Touring is how artists make money in this day and age since they make almost nothing from album sales unless you’re Adele or Taylor Swift. People already complain about ticket prices and do you know why they are higher now? Cost of living and nobody buys actual CDs or records anymore.

My fourth reason is that if NSync does get back together and more boy bands in the world is a good thing, they should do it on their own. They should not try to ride on the back of the Backstreet Boys like they did at the beginning of their career. They can do a comeback on their own without the Backstreet Boys.

And my fifth and final reason, and while I love JC Chasez with my my whole heart because he was my favorite on the Mickey Mouse Club, NSync getting back together without Justin Timberlake is kind of like the Jacksons getting back together without Michael Jackson. Sure, it’s cool and all, but let’s face it, who is going to say “It’s Gonna Be Maaaaaay?”

I wish the future of NSync all the luck in the world and I’d probably go see them if they came around Atlanta, but I’m not spending $300 on a ticket to see them. While I think it’s awesome that Nick and AJ are so positive about NSync and wanting to do something with them (a song would be kind of cool), but a tour? No No .. Uh Uh. (Sorry, “Not For Me” moment).

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  1. teachergrl23

    Yes, thank you! AJ just says stuff to say stuff sometimes, so does Nick. lol Brian put the kibosh on that pretty adamantly, and they’re always saying he’s the numbers/math guy who knows their itinerary and schedule. This article is right on every single point. I have to laugh every time NSYNC fans say they’re better, and try to rewrite history as if NSYNC was known for their vocals. lol They weren’t. But they’re constantly saying they’re better singers with better harmonies and acapella. LOL WHAT?

    BSB are the ones influenced by Boyz II Men, which you can hear in their harmonies on all their albums. They were the ones labeled a “white Boyz II Men,” which was also literally in the casting call for the group. They got a recording contract based off of singing acapella constantly. Even now, they sing acapella at the drop of a hat no matter what, without even being asked. I can only remember NSYNC singing acapella maybe a couple of times, with one acapella song on No Strings Attached. Every article comparing the two says the same thing: BSB are remembered for their vocals and harmonies; NSYNC are remembered for their dancing and bizarre outfits.

    NSYNC has always been remembered for their dancing, not their vocals. That’s why BSB is more respected in the music industry. Even Elton John said BSB could sing their butts off, and he would defend them against anyone who said otherwise. He never said anything similar about NSYNC. I will give NSYNC the dancing, simply because I don’t care much about the dancing. I care about vocals. What’s funny to me is that NSYNC fans are always using the “they’re better dancers” argument for why they’re better. When we say we don’t care about that, since BSB are better singers, then they claim NSYNC are better singers. LOL And when that doesn’t work, it’s all “JT.” Dude, he’s the reason NSYNC broke up. So, that literally works against them. lol My favorites are the ones who claim to “love both” or “love BSB, but NSYNC are better singers.” Girl, if you were a real BSB fan, you’d never say that. It’s a straight up lie.

    I know there are obnoxious fans on both sides, but the reason this fanwar even still exists is because of the fans. In my experience, it’s alway obnoxious NSYNC fans starting things up again (I know not all of them are like this). They’re still pressed their group broke up, and BSB never did. It’s like they’re still 12 years old, with the way they behave. BSB fans really should ignore it, but that’s easier said than done. A lot of NSYNC fans are constantly in BSB’s IG and Twitter posts, just to comment stupid things like “NSYNC is better,” when nobody cares about NSYNC in a BSB post. lol They’ll rag on BSB’s discography and claim one song from NSYNC is better than BSB’s whole discography (yeah right lol); or that BSB only had singles and NSYNC had better albums (Also false. LOL I could barely get through an entire NSYNC album, the polar opposite of BSB). When you use the same argument against them, then they get defensive and nasty about BSB again. lol

    I’ve never been a Nick girl, but I have to laugh every time they say Justin is a better singer than Nick and can sing circles around anyone in BSB, let alone Nick. lol Especially, when they use the “He’s nasally” defense. Um, hello. JT is the epitome of nasally and whiny. lol Both Nick and Justin tend to be nasal. However, Nick outsings Justin any day of the week. Why? Well, he’s actually developed his voice over the past 27 years. Justin hasn’t, he sings almost exclusively in falsetto. Nick also has a little bit of a rock edge, so there’s some power in his voice. JT does not have any power in his voice. He could never sing rock.

    Bottom line: I don’t want a joint tour, because every experience I’ve had with an NSYNC fan has been unpleasant. Every NSYNC fan I’ve come across online has been obnoxious, delusional about NSYNC’s vocal skills (outside JC) and what they’re actually known for; and nasty about BSB. No thanks. BSB is better off on their own. They don’t need to be doing charity for NSYNC, a group that was literally created to follow BSB’s blueprint and be their competition. Everything about NSYNC was gimmicky. I’d rather have another NKOTBSB tour or a BSB/98 Degrees tour. But preferably, BSB should stick to touring on their own.


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