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Thank you @BackstreetBoys for your Vegas residency

by | Mar 31, 2019 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Music, Pop Music, Thoughts | 0 comments

The Backstreet Boys performing in Las Vegas in February 2019. / Photo by Karah

I will not lie when I say that I wasn’t thrilled about a Las Vegas residency when it was first announced. One of the main things I was worried about was how would I ever get to go see them out there at least once.

Ha! I’ve been three times!

In all honesty, the “Larger Than Life” residency was probably one of the best decisions the boys have ever made as a group. Not only did it put them on a huge platform to remind people that, “Hey, we never broke up. We’re still here kicking ass.”

The Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas in June 2017. / Photo by Karah

The residency put them back on the industry’s radar, signing with a new record label (RCA) and putting them back in the position with radio stations so that they could have a Top 10 hit with “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

The residency reminded people who, you know, may not be hardcore BSB Fangirls like myself or others, that they still have it going on (pun intended). It reminded the industry that they can still sell out shows, becoming the best-selling residency in Vegas history.

If you think that the residency probably didn’t have an impact on them becoming Grammy nominees, you are sadly mistaken. It definitely helped with people knowing that “DNA” was released in January, giving them a number one album. It’s helped the boys have a REAL ARENA TOUR for the first time in 18 years.

The Backstreet Boys wouldn’t be in the position they are in right now, at the top of their game again in the world’s eyes, if they never signed on for those first nine initial shows. Sure, it’s not all just because of Las Vegas, but it had a huge part in everything the boys are experiencing right now.

As the boys start their last run of shows of “Larger Than Life” in a few weeks, let’s remember how amazing this small part of their history was.

So thank you Backstreet Boys for the three years you have spent in Las Vegas. You not only helped thousands of fans see you again in a huge production, but you brought fans to a city who may not have visited it if it weren’t for you.

We, as Backstreet Boys fans, are ready for Chapter 3.