The @JonasBrothers are back and I’m here for it

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Here’s a story about me and the Jonas Brothers.

When I was in college (remember, I was a few years older than everybody else because I took time off and went to school for something else first), I fell into the Jonas Brothers bandwagon.

Friends would laugh at me, but like with Backstreet Boys, I could care less. Their songs were infectious. They were cute (but way too young and illegal for me). They played instruments. And they were F-U-N-N-Y.

But during that time when they were at their biggest, I never got the chance to see them live. I almost had the chance once when the JoBros and Demi Lovato did a show in Daytona Beach, but something came up.

So in short, I love the Jonas Brothers.

I’ve heard the rumors for months about the brothers getting back together. I love Nick’s solo work and Joe’s work with DNCE, but there was just something about the boys together. Kind of like with Backstreet Boys, together they are at their best.

So when “Sucker” was released Friday, I woke up during the middle of the night and instantly downloaded it and listened.

And I love it. It’s fresh, but still has that little bit of Jonas magic to it.

And the best part of it all? It shows have Nick, Kevin, and Joe have grown as men and brothers. Like with the Backstreet Boys’ “No Place” music video, the Jonas Brothers included their wives (well, Joe and Sophie are engaged) in the music video for “Sucker.”

And it’s SUCH a fun music video.

So to say that I’m ecstatic that the JoBros are back is an understatement. I knew they would eventually come back, but obviously didn’t know when. I’m just glad I’m around to witness it.

And hopefully, finally get to see them in concert.

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