4 other @BackstreetBoys Funkos we’d love to see

by | Feb 17, 2019 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Music, Pop Music, Top Lists

With news that the Backstreet Boys are getting their very own Funkos, it made us think about something – what other Backstreet Boys Funkos would we like to see?

Last summer there was a rumor going around that the boys would have several different sets at Barnes and Noble, but it turns out that Funko was using the name of Backstreet Boys songs to hide exclusive titles so that nothing was leaked before they were announced.

Bummer, right?

But that doesn’t stop us from hoping one day that the Backstreet Boys Funkos will get the Marvel or “Friends” treatment with various Funkos.

Here are four different variations of Backstreet Funkos we’d love to see!

1. “Everybody”

Now don’t freak out – someone made custom Funko Pops of the Backstreet Boys in the “Everybody” music video, which is where this image came from. But how cool would that be to have the guys dressed up in their costumes from the video? I believe, after the white “I Want It That Way” suits, this is their most popular and iconic look.

2. “In A World Like This” blue suits

I know this one will probably NEVER get made, and I’ll live with that, but how awesome would it be to have the guys in those baby blue suits from the “In A World Like This” tour? In fact, one Backstreet Boys fan, Christel, worked on her own version of this Funko for her friends a few years ago and did a fantastic job! As you can tell, that is Mr. Richardson and Mr. Dorough, but just look at how iconic and legendary those blue suits are on Funko Pops!

3. Sphynkter

I know some people wouldn’t want these and this might just be a guilty pleasure, but think about how cool it would be to have the guys’ alter-ego band, Sphynkter, as Funko Pops! This would have honestly been my first choice, but I understand why they went with the white iconic suits from “I Want It That Way.”

But I want someone to tell me they don’t want Brian Littrell in Funko form with that majestic hair!

4. Pink Doritos

Don’t sit there and tell me you wouldn’t pay good money to have Funko Pops! of the guys in the now legendary pink suits – especially Mr. Kevin Scott Richardson in his “Cotton Candy Dreams” pink jacket. Honestly, I’d probably want this more than any of the others that I listed now that I think about it.

What other Backstreet Boys Funko Pops! would you love to see?


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