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The past few days has given me all the @BackstreetBoys feels

by | Jan 27, 2019 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Music, Pop Music, Thoughts | 0 comments

This May will be my 21st anniversary as a Backstreet Boys fan. In all of my years of being a Backstreet Boys fan, the past two weeks has reminded me of May 1999 all over again – the Millennium era.

If you’re a Backstreet Boys fan reading this, you probably understand what I mean. Seeing the success the boys are having with “DNA” is beyond amazing. Seeing the look on their faces when they realize how many people come out to support them after all these years.

As of right now, according to record sales, it looks like “DNA” could come out on top of the Billboard chart for album sales this coming week. Do you know how crazy that is? That a band who has been together 26 years, who people had written off, could debut on top of the charts? To have a Grammy nomination?

It’s just brought about all of these feelings the past few days on how lucky we are as Backstreet Boys fans. These guys love us. We are more than just fans to them. They remember a lot of us. How many bands do that? Our boys didn’t leave us high and dry when it wasn’t convenient for them to be a boy band anymore. *cough*NSYNC*cough*.

So while all of these people talk reunion and how Backstreet’s back, we know that they are just misinformed individuals who need to do their research because they’ve been missing out the past almost 18 years since “Black & Blue” came out.

Being a Backstreet Boys fan these past two weeks has given me a sense of pride that I’m not sure I had before. Yes, I’ve always kept the Backstreet pride alive, but 2019 has brought a new kind of Backstreet Boys love – respect, admiration, you name it, I probably feel it.

“DNA” has given me a case of feels that I’ve never had before.

And I’m okay with that.