Out with 2018 and in with 2019

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With tonight being the last full night of 2018, I decided to sit down and write about what was great about 2018 and what I hope for in 2019.

First off, 2018, as a Backstreet Boys fan, was possibly the most exciting year since 2000. The boys are getting the respect that they deserve and have deserved since the early 2000’s. And I honestly couldn’t be happier.

We have seen so many new Backstreet Boys fans, whether old fans that are coming back or new fans (teens at that!) who are becoming hardcore BSB Army members.

In 2019, I hope that the boys’ success continues with “DNA” and the “DNA” World Tour. I hope that we all can work together as a real Army to support these five guys. To do that, we have to be nicer to one another. We have to put differences aside. Sometimes it really is better to say nothing at all if you can’t say anything nice.

As a group of fans, we are so incredibly lucky that the Backstreet Boys are still around, going into their 26th year as a band. They never went away for more than a year and a half like NKOTB, NSync (still gone! Get it, gone? LOL), O-Town, BBMak, etc. They took that little bit of time off which they deserved after going hard for eight years.

For myself, I have a few resolutions – some fandom based, some not.

  1. Continue to write more fiction, which I’ve gotten back into the swing with this year. Not going so well for me right now since I have writer’s block, which is why I’m writing this blog post.
  2. Balance my time more. Sometimes I feel like I’m spreading myself too thin – this site, my instagrams (@bsbfangirls and @nickcarterfangirls), Twitter, writing and not to mention my real life and my job, which I love. I need to find a good balance.
  3. Build my presence online. I want to do more online stuff, video wise, whether it’s a podcast or more video blogs.
  4. Try to get more sleep. LOL!

So here’s to 2019 … the REAL year of Backstreet Boys!

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