Video: @BackstreetBoys talk life, career and finding a balance with Vevo

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Here are a few excerpts from the 10-minute long interview. 

AJ: “To be able to have this, I don’t know how to put it, this second change. We need to know what each person’s breaking point is which I think we know now.”

Kevin: “There was really no time off at that time. All of our dreams were coming true and we were all kind of tripping out inside. Instead of us coming closer and closer and tighter together, we almost retreated from one another to get that space and our bond wasn’t as tight in those moments.” 

Brian: “I had a 22 percent chance that I wouldn’t wake up. You know, I couldn’t just walk back in and say, ‘Hey guys, we’re back together!” It wasn’t like that for me. It was like a complete disconnect between me and all four of you guys.”

AJ: “Me going to rehab the first time, you know, that was one of the two most humbling moments for me. That and having Ava was the next most humbling moment because I can deal with my wife if I relapse. I can deal with you guys to a certain degree and we talk through those things. But now having a child who doesn’t understand, who doesn’t know what it means between being drunk Daddy and sober Daddy, that really messed with my head but messed with it in a good way. No, I always want to hold my kid and be there and be a good father and be present. I still deal with the whole drinking situation, I have good days and bad days. Having that balance now, it means something.”

Nick: It’s kind of crazy, because it feels like the stars are kind of aligning again for us in a way. Because if you think about us and how we started, I mean, it was like a miracle. It was a miracle that we would have met each other, that we would have bonded, that we would have connected the way we did – 

Kevin: What are the chances?

Nick: What are the chances? That we’d end up dancing?

Brian: Like two in a million, like once in a life.

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