Thoughts: Baylee Littrell was born for this

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I first saw Baylee Littrell, the son of a Brian and Leighanne Littrell, for the first time when he introduced his father’s band, the Backstreet Boys, on their “This Is Us” tour. I saw him several times since … going on stage with his father in Atlanta for the NKOTBSB show and opening up for the Backstreet Boys’ “In A World Like This” tour. 

Today, the newly 16-year-old released his first single – a country song – called “Don’t Knock It.”

And. It’s. Amazing.

I’m not just saying that because he is the son of one of my five favorite guys, but because the song is actually really good. Baylee’s voice, while he’s been known for singing Jackson 5 hits, really fits the country genre. I think he really found his niche when he started leaning towards country music.

The song reminds me a lot of Thomas Rhett’s first album, which was a little more country than his most recent music. Or maybe Cole Swindell and Chris Lane. He has that little spark to him that’s not totally country, but he’s enough country to fit into the genre.

And really, he’s a boy born in Georgia who likes pick-up trucks and football. How many country singers does that sound like?

Basically, I’ve come to the realization that Baylee was born for this.

Julia sent me a few photos from when she went to a Brian event years ago and a little Baylee is signing autographs for fans and talking with the children of BSB fans.

What singer can say that they have things like that in their past? Yes, Baylee has a huge built-in fan base with the BSB Army, but he also has the attention of major country DJs such as Cadillac Jack in Atlanta.

Since the Q100 studios was literally on my way to work, I stopped by this morning to congratulate Brian and Baylee and Leighanne on a great song (and to get a selfie with Brian that didn’t involve him wearing eyeliner LOL! His response – “must be the cruise LOL). Baylee seemed so excited that people loved the song (all five of us that were there lol), but you could just tell that it was new for him and he loved it.

And don’t get me started on the pride that was all over Brian and Leighanne’s faces. Brian was so excited to take pictures of Baylee with those of us who showed up, making sure the photos were good and just loving the fact that it was Baylee who was getting the attention.

Baylee is working with the people at Tree Vibez, which is Florida Georgia Line’s company. He just needs a little backing and his career could take off. Having a DJ like Cadillac Jack liking your song and backing you is a pretty big deal.

Country music hasn’t had a cute little dude come along who could sing in a long time – and I’m not talking about Mason Ramsey because that kid is basically a fetus. I mean, since the days of a 19-year-old Bryan White, we haven’t seen a young guy that is this talented.

Baylee could literally be the next big thing in country and I’m here for it.

If you missed The Bert Show, click here to listen.

And if you haven’t downloaded the song yet. What are you waiting for? Click here.

Here’s a few more photos 🙂

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