Vinyl is back, so why don’t we have more @BackstreetBoys vinyl?

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For several years, vinyl records have been making a comeback. After being discontinued in the ‘80s after cassettes and CDs became all the rage, Sony Music decided to begin producing them again a few years ago.

Now some of the most popular artists such as Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera and Harry Styles have their latest albums (and entire catalog) issued on vinyl. Old albums such as Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and “Thriller,” along with Journey’s “Greatest Hits” have been reissued on vinyl. Britney Spears’ has released her catalog on vinyl and New Kids on the Block will be reissuing “Hangin’ Tough” sometime soon.

Now music nerds no longer have to dig through used record shops to find their favorite album on vinyl – they can just go to Amazon or Target to other outlets.

Urban Outfitters has the entire ‘NSync collection on vinyl! VINYL! NSYNC!

So why the hell hasn’t any of the Backstreet Boys’ collection been re-released on vinyl?

Sure, “DNA” will be released on Feb. 1, 2019 on vinyl (at least on Amazon), but why hasn’t “Millennium” or “Backstreet Boys” or even “Black & Blue” or “Chapter One” been released? Do you know what a money maker that would be? I would buy the entire collection – from the Red “Backstreet Boys” album all the way down to “In A World Like This.”

While CD sales have been less and less since digital music was created, vinyl is coming back not only for the sound has this organic feel to it, but because of nostalgia. Records are how fans first heard of The Beatles or Elvis Presley and while having a CD is great and listening to one of 49,000 songs on your iPhone is amazing, there’s nothing quite like watching a record spin round and round.

I have been looking high and low for anything Backstreet Boys-related on vinyl. I’ve found tons of New Kids on the Block’s 45s (basically single records) and own a good bit now, but have come up empty handed with anything BSB-related. I’ve seen a few records that are basically from radio stations with one song on it that is going for almost $30 or an album of remixes that I’m not sure is a knock-off or what.

I want “Millennium” on vinyl.

I want “Backstreet Boys” on vinyl.

I want “Black & Blue” on vinyl.

I want “Chapter One” on vinyl.

I want “Never Gone” on vinyl like a fat girl wants cake.

I want “Unbreakable” on vinyl.

I want “This Is Us” on vinyl.

I want “In A World Like This” on vinyl.

RCA, you have a huge, built-in fanbase with Backstreet Boys fans and when something like vinyl records are released, fans will buy it, whether they have a record player or not.

Think about it.

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