5 @BackstreetBoys songs that are totally underrated

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As a Backstreet Boys fan, I know that all fans have their favorite songs from the guys – especially when it comes to non-singles. They have recorded hundreds of songs over their almost 26-year career. Don’t believe us, check out the list of Backstreet Boys songs from A to Z that The Darkside of the Backstreet pulled together!

I wanted to break down the top 5 songs that I think are totally underrated as Backstreet Boys songs.

1. “Madeleine”

The song “Madeleine” was never a single, but the Boys performed it while promoting “In A World Like This” and during the world tour. The song’s lyrics and melody make it special, but the message makes it beautiful. It’s about getting out of that dark space, look toward the future and happiness and there’s not a lot of songs nowadays that have that message.


2. “No One Else Comes Close”

This, to me, is probably one of the most romantic Backstreet Boys songs there is. The lyrics, the melody, and not to mention the passion that each of the boys put into the performance. When they performed the song on “Millennium” night on the 2018 cruise, I almost lost control of myself in a “oh my god is she really in her 30s or is she 15” kind of way. Joe, who is better known for “I Wanna Know,” also did a version of his song on his album, but the boys’ version is better.


3. “Trouble Is”

“Trouble Is” is one of my favorite songs off of their “Unbreakable” album and really, I think one of their most underrated, which is why it’s on this list. Sure, it has a country twang to it, as Nick said on the “Unbreakable” tour (and in the clip above), but their harmonies on this song sound almost as good as if Kevin was on stage with them and they were a group of five again. The harmonies really shine on this song and well, between “Trouble Is” and “Drowning,” their future in country music really did look so bright, they had to wear shades.


4. “Love Somebody”

The performance of “Love Somebody” on the “In A World Like This” tour was probably my favorite thing about the tour. Nick’s dance and happiness during the song was infectious and really made me fall in love with the song. But over the past few years, especially since the guys don’t perform it anymore, I came to appreciate it for the lyrics and the beat. The lyrics, while at times may seem a bit goofy (Howie and Nick did co-write it!), they are kind of romantic if you’re not into the typical romance stuff. And the beat, well, it’s no wonder that Nick danced so much to it. It makes you want to start doing the Carlton.


5. “Crawling Back To You”

If it weren’t for “Just Want You To Know,” “Crawling Back To You” would be my favorite song from “Never Gone.” I feel like this song sometimes gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to songs from the album because of “Climbing The Walls” has seemed to be more popular. The harmonies on this song are so rich and Brian’s voice never sounded better. Don’t even get me started on Nick’s singing/whining that’s just plain hot. I said it. It’s hot.

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