Trust @BackstreetBoys: The new album is coming!

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One of the things I’ve seen most on Twitter and Facebook is people complaining about the new Backstreet Boys album not being out yet, or having a set date. People seemed to think that it was coming out in October, then November and according to AJ and Howie yesterday at the Germany Con, January.

And it puts people in a frizzy.

But you know what? We have to trust them!

The Backstreet Boys aren’t new artists and they know what they are doing. Yes, they should probably ride in on all the attention that “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” received, but they have already shot a new music video for “Chances,” the next single.

Ya’ll, they know what they are doing.

We also have to remember that it’s not just them deciding when to release an album. They are with a new record label – a GOOD record label – and they aren’t just making the decisions anymore like they did with “In A World Like This.” Do you remember how much they talked about “Black & Blue” being rushed after “Millennium” because Jive wanted to ride that wave of success that the boys were on? Do we want them to be unhappy with this album? Do we want them to sour their relationship with RCA? No, we don’t.

There’s a reason for everything that the boys do and RCA must think that this new single is going to be hella good and be a jumping off point for the album release.

Artists do things differently now than they did 20 years ago. They don’t release an album after one single anymore. Sometimes artists put out three or four singles before the album is released, especially artists who aren’t on the level of Taylor Swift and Beyonce. The industry has changed so much, just in the last ten years. Now video views on YouTube count towards where you land on the Billboard charts. Twenty years ago, we didn’t have that.

Now having buzz on social media is the equivalent of having a good review in “Rolling Stone” in 1999. So when you question why the boys aren’t doing what they did in 1999 or even in 2000, that’s why. It’s a whole different game. Digital ranks over physical copies of albums now (even though we LOVE the physical copies).

Having been one of the lucky ones to hear some of the songs during Kevin’s event on the 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise, I know this album is going to be possibly the best one that they’ve done since “Millennium” and “Never Gone” (my two favorite BSB albums). The music is GOOD and the writing is INCREDIBLE.

So whether it’s November, December or January, we are going to get that new Backstreet Boys album. Trust me. Trust them. Trust the label. Trust the music.


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