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5 Reasons I miss @BackstreetBoys and @NKOTB as @NKOTBSB

by | Sep 23, 2018 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Music, Pop Music | 0 comments

When the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block came together in 2010 to announce their joint tour, album and single under the title “NKOTBSB,” a lot of fans were skeptical. I wasn’t one of those fans, having loved New Kids on the Block since 1987 and Backstreet Boys since 1998.

I was excited and bought tickets to two NKOTBSB shows – Atlanta and Orlando – on the U.S. leg of the tour.

To me, it was the perfect mix. I would pay to go see both bands individually, obviously, but I would also pay more to see them together. And as we all know, that show was amazing.

So on this first Sunday of Fall afternoon, I’m sitting and watching the “NKOTBSB: Live from London” concert special on MTV Live. It’s basically the live webstream, but has different shots and is edited differently than the webstream.

And it’s made me reminisce a bit. So I thought, why not do a post about what I miss from the collaboration?

Here we go …


Don’t get me wrong, Nick and Jordan was great and that’s where Nick & Knight was born, but there was always something special about Nick and Donnie on stage together. Donnie was the bad boy of NKOTB and Nick was the “baby,” but together, they were this dynamite force. Maybe it’s because they both are hams and love getting attention. Together, they definitely got my attention.


Who else misses the Penis Stage? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, the stage that NKOTBSB used was pretty much shaped like a penis. Seriously. Concert wise, it was a great decision because it gave people in the 16th row on the floor a great view. If you were in the low seats just up from the floor, those were incredible. (I had those in Atlanta.) Each tour, NKOTB have tried to outdo the penis stage, but it never really happens. The stage they had in 2013 on “The Package Tour” came close, but not as well.


While Backstreet Boys still bring a fan onstage for their Las Vegas residency and even had fans sitting on stage during their “In A World Like This” tour, I feel like they need to bring back to serenades with five girls now that Kevin is back. Do you know how many girls would die to have Kevin Richardson sing to them? I’m raising my hand.


I miss hearing this song live. This is such a great song and every guy (just about) gets a chance to shine on it. Plus, hearing Brian and Joey singing together, God, that’s music to my ears. Even if they never tour again together, they should atleast bring it back for their solo shows a few times. It’s a damn good song.


There is nothing as amazing as that introduction was for the NKOTBSB tour. Mixing “Single” and “The One” with Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” was genius. That was probably Rob Lewis’ idea and that man is a music genius. However, a lot of the other song mixes could have been done without. While I love throwing in a little Bel Biv Devoe or Prince, mixing The Jackson 5’s “Can You Feel It” with “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)” was unnecessary.
But can we go back to Joey McIntyre and his, “If you came here by yourseeeeeeelf tonight ….”?

Ugh. Then AJ coming in with “The One.”

I have an audio version that I made on my phone that I listen to all the time.


Anybody else miss NKOTBSB? Would you love to see Backstreet Boys (along with Kevin) tour with New Kids again some day?