Thoughts: “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is more than just a comeback single for @BackstreetBoys

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Can you believe that the Backstreet Boys’ latest single, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” has been out since mid-My and is now sitting in the Top 10 on the Adult Contemporary charts? You guys realize it’s September, right? 

It’s been a slow climb, but a good one. A lot of people are calling this their reunion song (which, duh, it’s obviously not!) or their comeback song, but to those of who have still been around since their last real Billboard success (besides the song with Florida Georgia Line), “Incomplete,” we know this isn’t a comeback single.

It’s a reminder to the world that the Backstreet Boys haven’t gone away.

How many times have we heard “Backstreet’s Back!” from articles or news stories? So many times that if we had a penny for each time, we’d be a millionaire.

Granted, as a former journalist, I understand that most journalist will just go with what they know without much research. Why do you think so many journalists and bloggers (b/c I refuse to call people who work at places like MTV journalist because they sit at a computer and write things) think this is a reunion? They don’t do research. Trust me, when you’re getting paid the bare minimum (again, trust me), they don’t do much research in what they’re writing about. That’s why people think the Backstreet Boys haven’t done anything since 2004 or 2005 or 2006, especially when Kevin left.

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” has been on heavy rotation on radio stations and on music channels that actually still play videos. Have you ever heard of Nick Music? No, it has nothing to do with Nick Carter, but Nickelodeon. They have their own music channel now and they play everything from Cardi B. to Maroon 5 to Why Don’t We. And they play the HELL out of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

And with the boys’ being in heavy rotation on a channel like that, that means there’s a whole new audience of young people who are learning more about a band that maybe their Mom’s grew up loving and maybe even still love.

The song has had lasting power, too. I mean, it’s going on almost four months since the release and it’s still going on strong. The only time they’ve had a song last that long on the charts (besides FGL again) was probably something from “Black & Blue.” In fact, the song has done the best on the charts in the United States, which is totally the opposite to every other single they’ve released before.

And while it’s rumored we’re going to get an album in less than a month and probably a new single soon, it shows that almost 20 years after the U.S. was ready for the boys the first time, that the U.S. are ready for them again.

Backstreet doesn’t have to be back, they never went away. The world is realizing that now!


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