Personal: Holy crap, am I writing again?

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Personal, Thoughts, Writing

Yes, you read that right. I asked if I’m writing again and the answer is yes. 

Is it fanfic? No, it’s an original story.

I started this story a few months ago after Hannah and I went to see the author of the book that “Love, Simon” was based on. We both got inspired and I started writing what I thought would be an autobiographical book.

Then it changed to a fictionalized version of me.

This weekend, after being in bed the entire time with my gallbladder and talking with Lisa, who many of you know as my former co-writer, I changed some stuff and it’s a very loosely-based version of myself who is like me in a few ways, but not really. She goes some things that I’ve gone through. She goes through some things I wished I would go through. She goes through some very fictional things, also.

With that said, I’ll be publishing it when I’m done. I won’t be posting it on the web like I would do with my old stories.

So between that and not feeling good, that accounted for the lack of updates this weekend that I thought I would get done.

Is anybody going to Knoxville next weekend to see Nick, AJ and Howie? Julia and I might be going. Let me know on Twitter if you’re going and hopefully we can meet.

I will be updating the charts post tomorrow with the latest from Billboard and other music charts. Keep requesting #DontGoBreakingMyHeart on the radio and watching the music video!


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