Review: ‘Game Night’ reminds me why I love Jason Bateman

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Jason Bateman. I have loved him since I first watched him in “Teen Wolf 2,” you know, the ridiculously bad sequel to Michael J. Fox’s “Teen Wolf.” I always thought it was ironic that Jason played Michael’s cousin in the sequel since his sister, Justine, played Michael’s sister on “Family Ties.”

This is a thing my child mind would think up.

But my love for Mr. Bateman is still strong. “Game Night” reminded me of that.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams play a married couple who is competitive as hell. They met at a trivia night and game nights pretty much rule their lives. Kyle Chandler from “Bloodline,” “Friday Night Lights” and George Strait’s movie “Pure Country” (he plays the fake Dusty!) plays Jason’s brother in the movie.

According to one of the characters, if Kyle’s character is Mark Wahlberg, then Jason’s is Donnie. I’m okay with that since Donnie is my favorite Wahlberg, besides Alma. Obvs.

The brothers are as competitive as Jason and Rachel’s characters are with their game nights and it comes out when Brooks (Kyle) invites everybody over to his place.

Then it just gets CRAZY.

The movie keeps you laughing pretty much the entire time unless you’re gasping at something happened or you’re shocked by Michael C. Hall’s surprise appearance (SPOILER! I <3 Dexter!).

I give it 9 out of 10 llamas. I kind of hope there’s a sequel.



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