Guest Post: It’s all about the dance beats

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Whitney Houston said it best that in life, you need to dance with somebody who loves me. After all, life becomes the dance of your heartbeat when you found the one you love.

Here are some of the songs that have been or are inspiring to me when it comes to being able to overcome the lonely years gone by and to just tap your feet and move those hips as you let the rhythm be in control as your hands move with grace on the dance floor. Let the moment make you forget why you cried in the first place. Is that possible? Maybe, maybe not. But to me, this works especially when you are sick and tired of sappy songs to just break open the dam of tears on repeat. And if you are not so keen on dancing, have a listen to lift you up. Even when your man is a fantasy, at least tears do not damp your pillows. Drum roll please:

I first fell in love with Rita Ora’s track in London shores and could not get enough of it. One of her newest beats, Your Song, has become amoric, meaning amores you when your loved one becomes romantic. Rita reminds me of a Brit version of Rihanna.

I have this CD of Cher’s a long time ago with her best songs. I did not understand nor still comprehend at this time whether to believe it or not. But this song is to drool for! Hey! At least, it lifts the mood, doesn’t it?

It made me sad when I heard that Laura Branigan went to heaven. I only found the truth after a long time passed. This song is a combination of love ballad but the beat has a theatrical performance with interpretations. Doesn’t that light up your imagination when you mold together your fantasies with liquid dreams? Laura has that unique voice that is raw and not common in a female’s vocals. When at times you feel weary and that you are unable to go on with the heartaches, just feel forever young, refreshed with your heart to beat once more all in the name of love. I might be physically aging but still, I am forever young at heart.

In my encyclopedia, Madonna is the Goddess of Dance music. I grew up and thrived on dancing because of her. I only got to see one of her films but it was one of her stellar performances that it became engraved to my memory. The man has to make me open up my heart as well, ain’t that true?
I don’t want to say it, Backstreet Boys, but Madonna did conceive the chair moves as one of the first inventors of such choreographed dance.

Not really a song for the club but this song has that thunder beat of crescendos and all that mambo jambo. I love Bonnie Tyler. In fact, when I read books for school, her cassette tape is one of the stuff I love to listen to. Doesn’t it piss you off when your man is challenging all those other guys while saying he is not the other guy? Men! I guess boys will be boys. Well, what if the girl is boyish? Then, she has found the one who melts her. Yeba!

Pink has taught me a lot to move on. This might be a heartbreak song but if you look at it, the song helps you to not dwell on it but dance through the rain that you are through with it and just shake it off on why your heart got shattered.

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