#AskTheFangirl: Favorite Backstreet wife, BSB Vegas, fan fiction and thirsty people

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Another edition of Ask The Fangirl where this time we tackle a few different questions and a variety of topics, including the wives, BSB Vegas, fan fiction and other drama for your llamas.

Out of the BSB wives, who is your favorite?

[AdSense-A]It’s hard to pick favorites, but I guess I would go with Lauren because I’ve had the most interaction with her. I met her for the first time on the 2011 cruise and had a lengthy talk with her (she sat behind us at our concert) and got to interview her for “I Heart Nick Carter.” I think Kristin probably comes in a close second. I’ve only met her briefly, but she’s so nice and friendly and she and Kevin are the perfect couple.

Would you suggest M&G during the Vegas shows, or wait to see if they have them when they go on tour? (Thinking of surprising my sister) How was your experience?

I would always suggest meet and greets if you’re financially able to do so.  I mean, don’t skip your rent to get a VIP, but they are pretty great experiences. It’s always hard to try and wait to see if a tour is going to come near you because you just never know and then you don’t know how the VIP set up is going to be. So I say go with Vegas. The Vegas meet and greet experience is by far my favorite so far out of all the meet and greets I’ve done. Wonderful Union do a great job with them!

I’ve signed up and have been reading some of your older fan fiction. Why did you stop writing and are you ever going to write again?

[AdSense-A]I haven’t written in almost three years which is by far the longest stretch I’ve ever gone without writing. When I started in 1998, I didn’t know what I was doing or that it would lead me so far into this fandom that Nick actually recognizes me and knows my name. I never even imagined meeting the guys, much less seeing them in concert (I saw them six times last year alone!).

I stopped writing for a few reasons. The first reason is that it was hard for me to mentally do it, while keeping up my older site that turned into this one and with work and my own health issues. Secondly, my co-writer and I drifted apart a little (don’t worry, we are still good friends!) and while i didn’t always write with someone, the creativity just wasn’t there. Thirdly, when I started to get back into writing, my mother got sick in May 2016 (literally right when I got back from the BSB Cruise in Europe) and it’s been an ongoing thing since then. Plus, and this might sound like a weird  reason, but I feel like the more that I’ve gotten to meet them, know them and have experiences with them like many fans have, it feels weird to write about them fictionally. Does that make sense?

What are u doing for costumes on BSB cruise?

Now if I tell you, it can’t be a surprise can it?


NOTE: I’ve gotten a few #AskTheFangirls about the ongoing drama llama that has been going around and while most know my stance on it, I will answer one question.

Can you please tell [Insert Her Name Here] to shut the hell up about Nick on her twitter and why haven’t you written about it a lot on your site? please listen to you and you are supposedly a reporter! do something!

I am a journalist, but my current job does not have me writing at the moment nor would I be able to write about that if I did. As for this site, I do not want to really get into it. As a victim myself, I find it disgusting when people use the #MeToo movement for their benefit.  Don’t tweet her. Don’t Instagram comment. Don’t do anything.

Talking about positive things, like getting ready for the next cruise, the new #BSBVegas shows and the upcoming new single and new album! There are so many things to be thankful for right now like our boys celebrating 25 years in April.

Ignore the hate.


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