Dear AJ McLean … Happy birthday!

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A letter to AJ McLean on his 40th birthday.

Dear AJ,

To say the least, I’m so effin’ proud of you. In the past 19 years of being a Backstreet Boys fan (20 this May!), I have watched you transform from the bad boy to the man who is probably one of the most devoted fathers I’ve ever seen.

Like myself, you’ve been through a lot and while we have so much in common, watching you change your life and find happiness gives me hope that one day I will also find happiness in whatever way it comes.

I know you hear it a lot, but whether you mean to or not, you mean a lot to people. You’ve helped me in ways that you will never quite understand. When I fought my own demons, the ones I still find every single day, you and the other guys were there to keep me sane through your music and your silly personalities.

So on your 40th birthday, I hope you realize how many people love you, cherish you and want the best for you.

We couldn’t be prouder of you, Alex.


Karah-Leigh (@Princess_Karah)

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