5 questions I have about “Fuller House” so far

by | Jan 7, 2018 | Featured, Television

Since the last part of Season 3 of Netflix’s “Fuller House” was released and I, of course, watched it all in one sitting, I began watching the old “Full House” episodes on Hulu.

To say the least, it all leaves me with a few questions about “Fuller House.

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We know, at least from what was hinted, DJ’s husband died while working as a fireman. They talk about him being a fireman and go to his old fire station, but they never said he died fighting a fire.

“Full House” goes into way more detail about what happened to Mrs. Tanner. She died in a car accident. We even get to see her in old home movies from when they bring Michelle home from the hospital. We know her family since Jesse is her brother and get to meet her parents, etc. We haven’t seen Mr. Fuller’s parents, any siblings … Do Tommy, Jackson and Max have any cousins? It’s like that side of the family disappeared!


Kimmy’s brother came on “Fuller House” and pretty much swept Stephanie off her feet, but where the hell was he in “Full House?” I’m almost done with Season 5 of “Full House” and there has been no mention of brothers. After research due to me remembering a mention of one, she mentions later in “Full House” that she has a brother named Garth who is older. But Jimmy? Where the hell did Jimmy come from?


Steve, you are divorced, but yet you still love and obsess over DJ? Did you get married simply because DJ did? And divorced as soon as her husband died? Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally #TeamSteve, but come on, dude. That was a little suspicious and then get married to a CJ.


Again, no backstory about the husband. How did they meet? When did they get married? How long were they married before they had Jackson? Did they live in San Francisco because she was working with Matt’s father for 5 years before he decided to retire. Hell, how did DJ decide to become a vet? THESE ARE QUESTIONS I HAVE.


After all these years and no matter how close they’ve become in three seasons, Stephanie is seriously going to let Kimmy carry her child? Her child with Kimmy’s brother? I mean, they hated each other. Of course they are adults now and not teenager/kids anymore, but come on.




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