110 Reasons to love the Backstreet Boys

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In honor of the Backstreet Boys’ 25th anniversary on April 20, 2018, we are going to countdown 110 reasons to love the best-selling boy band in music history. Why 110? April 20th is the 110th day of the year in 2018 and this post begins on January 1, 2018. This post is the first post in honor of #BSB25.

There are a few things we could go with these 110 reasons. We could use one to talk about each day until April 20th. Or we could just relish in the fact that there are so many reasons to love these guys.

So let’s begin

  1. Their harmonies
  2. Their sense of humor
  3. Their love for one another
  4. “Back to Your Heart”
  5. They taught us what to do if we want it to be good girl. (Obviously we get a bad boy)
  6. Their love of their families
  7. The way they treat fans
  8. They remember fans names
  9. They never went away.
  10. Their staff.
  11. “Get Another Boyfriend”
  12. They embrace their past
  13. Sphynkter
  14. “Yo, homey, Gilligan, we’s goin’ back to the islands…”
  15. Howie’s wink
  16. Nick’s fanboying ways
  17. Kevin’s love of the south
  18. Brian’s love of religion
  19. AJ’s beauty secrets
  21.  Their wives – Lauren, Leigh, Leighanne, Kristin and Rochelle
  22. Their kids – Baylee, Holden, James, Max, Mason, Lyric, Ava and Odin.
  23. The London announcements – AJ’s going to be a daddy and Kevin is coming back
  24. The documentary
  25. Remixes of their songs
  26. Emojis
  27. Their honesty
  28. “In  A World Like This”
  29. They like to tease us
  30. Nick on guitar during “Incomplete”
  31. Kevin’s turtle dance
  32. “Just To Be Close To You”
  33. They own up to their own mistakes
  34. Kevin and his Jesus hair
  35.  “God, Your Mama and me”
  36. Their Vegas Residency
  37. They aren’t afraid to try something new
  38. AJ’s “Friends” obsession
  39. “Undone”
  40. Kevin’s “Straight Through My Heart” speech before their performance on the 2014 cruise
  41. Their tweets
  42. Their relationship with Florida Georgia Line
  43. They helped us face Y2K
  44. Brian’s honesty about his vocal issues
  45. The Millennium hoverboards
  46. The old “Let Kevy Kev sing” petition online in the late 90’s
  47. KFC – Kentucky’s Finest Cousins
  48. Their old coordinated outfits
  49. “It’s Christmas Time Again”
  50. They have a song for every emotion
  51. Their love for all music
  52. They have so many songs about fans
  53. There isn’t a lead singer in BSB
  54. Their facial hair through the years
  55. Their cruises
  56.  “He’s my cousin”
  57. Their music is timeless
  58. They send out Christmas cards to fans
  59. The TV Guide covers
  60. Their movie roles
  61. Their rapping skills
  62. “What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)”
  63. Their interview skills
  64. “Safest Place to Hide”
  65. Their pride for their hometowns
  66. The fan club
  67. How awesome their VIP events are
  68. Their creativity
  69. Their friendship with New Kids on the Block
  70. Nick’s horror movie fascination
  71. Their dances
  72. They have lyrics that don’t make any sense
  73. Their looks
  74. Their break up songs
  75. Their appearance on “Undateable”
  76. Chair dance
  77. They never left
  78. They told Donald Trump to stop using “I Want It That Way” in his election campaign
  79. “Anywhere For You” in Spanish
  80. Kevin’s dirty brow
  81. “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)” in Italian
  82. Solo careers
  83. Kevin on the piano
  84. “I got you in my Instagram story!”
  85. Their kick-ass merchandise
  86. CMT Crossroads
  87. 2000 Grammy Awards
  88. The opening of the Vegas show
  89. “Don’t Turn Out The Lights”
  90. MTV Diary
  91. Their selfie game
  92. “Drowning”
  93. How Brian and Leighanne met on the set of “As Long As You Love Me”
  94. Kevin’s red “In A World Like This” tour jeans
  95. “I Heart Nick Carter”
  96. Mothers love them
  97. How easily they were accepted in the country music genre
  98. Mandy Moore and the Jonas Brothers once opened for them.
  99. They are the best-selling boy band in music history.
  100. They shut down Times Square during the “Millennium”  release
  101. Their hairstyles through the years.
  102. “Larger Than Life.”
  103. Singing a cappella
  104. The way Brian always tries to make people laugh.
  105. AJ and his funky animal print styles.
  106. The Burger King action figures
  107. The way Kevin used to be video EVERYTHING.
  108. “Shape of My Heart”
  109. “You Can Let Go”
  110. They look good cleaned up in a nice suit.

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