Sharna Burgess: “(Nick Carter) is one of the most respectful guys that I have danced with …”

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Sharna Burgess to the rescue!

Nick Carter’s dancing partner on “Dancing with the Stars” has come out to defend her friend with two videos on Twitter even though she got plenty of hate after tweeting earlier in the day. 

[AdSense-A] Earlier on Saturday, Sharna tweeted a link discussing the accusations that former Dream singer Melissa Schuman has made by posting a link of What Happens on the Backstreet‘s post that includes questions and evidence [AdSense-A]

“Nick was definitely one of the most respectful guys that I have danced with one on the show,” Sharna said. “He was so understanding of the difference between the character and the dance and the coach and the dance and all the different levels of relationships with have with our partners on the show.”

Sharna and Nick almost won their season of the dance show, coming in second behind Bindi Irwin and Derrick Hough.

“He was very accepting of me bossing him around every day,” she joked.

“What I loved about Nick is that he always took ownership of the things he’s been through,” she said. “The darkness in his history, the mistakes that he made. he wanted to be very open about them and how he felt about them, even though they were very heavy and hard for him to say out loud.”

Sharna, a self-declared Backstreet girl, went on to explain how respectful Nick was to her again and not only her, but to the show’s crew as well.”

“One of the most respectful,” she said again. “When I say this guy would treat crafting, the PA’s the crew, the grips and of course the dancers to the producers, everybody was treated the same by Nick.”


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