#AskTheFangirl: What is ‘Backstreet Time’?

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Since writing our post last night, “A beginner’s guide to Backstreet Boys for new fans’, we’ve gotten a few extra questions so we thought we would just go ahead and write it up for you guys … because, sometimes, we also run on Backstreet Time.

hi! Although their music are classics even here where i live in Indonesia since I was a kid, but I’m considerably a new fan☺️ I was just wondering what is “backstreet time” and how it started? Ive heard it several times and cant find any explanation for it lol thanks!? – @chainofmelody

That’s a great question and one I had planned on originally answering in the post, but totally forgot, so I’m glad you asked.

Backstreet Time is something that fans originally came up with for when the boys run late for things, such as soundcheck or a concert. Then it translated over into other things such as recording new albums, releasing tour dates, or anything in general. It’s even translated over into their solo projects, such as Nick running late for soundcheck for a solo concert or AJ’s solo album that was supposed to be released in September 2016 (according to the man himself on the 2016 BSB cruise).

Sometimes fans run on Backstreet Time, such as myself. I say I’m going to do something and then just forget until about a week later. So I guess in a way, Backstreet Time is a disease that can be transmitted. No one has figured out where it originated.

How do you properly ask a Backstreet Boy to sign something or write something for a tattoo when you are meeting them for the first time? – @melheartsbsb

I honestly did this for the first time at Walker Stalker last month with Nick. I got him to sign “my confession” for me because it’s two words that mean a lot to me – my old website which made me find my love of writing, my favorite solo song of his and part of my favorite line in my favorite Backstreet Boys song, “Shape of My Heart.”

After he autographed my photo, I asked for a favor and he said sure. I asked if he could sign, on the back of the photo, the words my confession because I wanted to get a tattoo. It was pretty much that simple.

But I think there is a time and place for asking for something like that. I think that kind of environment, where you know the boy has time to sign it is a good idea. Nick practiced a few times on a scratch piece of paper before finding how he wanted to write it. He said he didn’t want to do something sloppy for a tattoo and wanted it to be perfect. He didn’t want to mess up.

Places that’s probably not a good idea to ask for the boys to write something for a tattoo: anywhere where they are being crowded with a big group of fans (such as on the cruise or outside a hotel, etc.) or VIP during a concert. There’s no autographs allowed during VIP usually, but if it’s their autograph, that might work if it’s done quickly. I know fans who got them to autograph their body and went right to the tattoo place to get it tattooed.

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