Thoughts: The fangirling heart wants what it wants and that’s apparently a @BackstreetBoys cruise

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I can’t remember if I posted it on here or not, but I had decided not to do the 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise because a.) I didn’t have the second payment and b.) I was nervous about where my Mom would be in May with her health. One roomie had already backed out and the other was about to so I was just… I’m not going. 

Pre-Barcelona flight faces! Our first international flight!

Mara and I had already emailed Rose Tours last week and as soon as they got back in the office today after being gone for work last week, they said they would cancel it.

And I woke up with a feeling this morning. It was a feeling as if something was wrong somewhere so I got up and checked on my Mom and went back to sleep or tried to until it was time to get up. Something was just nagging me and I knew it was the cruise. Then I get a message from my fellow ATL girl Kim asking about me canceling the cruise and I got to thinking about how much it was going to KILL me next May when I wasn’t on the cruise.

See the cruise starts May 3, 2018. That’s 20 years and 2 days after I became a Backstreet Boys and saw them at Grad Nite on May 1, 1998. It’s nice knowing the exact date that I became a fan. I told the story to Nick at Walker Stalker and he laughed and hugged me.

So see, with this being the boys’ 25th anniversary and my 20th, I needed on the cruise.

Game Show on 2016 Cruise

I talked to my Mom and she said she wanted me to go on the cruise, no matter if she’s in the hospital or dead, she wanted me on the boat because she knows what it means to me. Probably because I cried the other day talking about not going to her. Sounds drastic, but she agrees with everybody else who has said I deserve this after everything I’ve been through the past almost two years. Well, seriously since the last cruise.

So after talking to Kim, I message Mara in our friend Facebook chat group and well, less than 5 minutes later, she was emailing Rose Tours and I was calling them to NOT cancel our room.

And to say that I have the greatest group of best friends and new friends that I’ve made over the last year, I’m going on the cruise. I can’t wait to see everybody and hug them and spend some downtime with Mara people watching and running into Nick and Mike in the hallway and taking silly selfies with EVERYBODY.

We are gonna celebrate my 20th Backstreet Boys anniversary in style, ya’ll.

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