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“Outlander” actor confesses he wanted to be which @BackstreetBoys member?

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Music, Nick Carter, Television | 0 comments

You may know him as Roger Wakefield, but Richard Rankin’ has a little musical past.

The Scotland native talked to Outlander Live! on Monday and had a little confession.

I fancied myself as being a bit of a singer when I was a teenager,” Rankin said Monday on Outlander Live! “I’m gonna just be honest: I wanted to be in a boy band. I wanted to be a Nick Carter. I wanted to be, like, a Backstreet Boy or something like that.”

My reaction when I saw the Google Alert for “Nick Carter” in my inbox with this article posted? YES! YES! World’s collide!

When the host asked if that meant he was more Backstreet Boys than ‘N Sync, Rankin’ laughed.

“I was probably both, I was probably both,” Rankin confessed.

He talks about this about 23 minutes into the interview, which you can hear below.