Review: “Outlander” – Season 3, Episode 4 – “Of Lost Things”

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I think this was a really great episode, maybe not as good as the last, but nonetheless, it made the story move along and made the characters move towards finding one another again. It was different than the past few episodes and was more emotional than action-packed. I enjoyed it.

Warning, spoilers ahead.


I love how adamant Roger and Brianna are about finding Jamie and really, how close its bringing Brianna and Claire together. It always cracks me up how Brianna knew how to fix the car when Roger had no idea what he was doing.

The one thing I loved about this episode is that it didn’t focus so much on Claire. Don’t get me wrong, I love Claire, but it was good to see Brianna and Roger together again and the story focusing a lot on him.

And the kiss.

The kiss.



I love how Jamie has all of these alias that he goes by – Red Jamie, Alexander Mackenzie, etc. I guess back then you could get away with things like that. I do, however, love the fact that the Lord of the house is okay with Jamie being there, and warns him that his wife did not like Jacobites.


The girl is blunt, isn’t she? Telling Jamie he’ll know what to do when he comes to her bed. Then she tries to blackmail him because Lord Milton told her who Jamie really was.

There’s a small part of me that thinks her appearance reminds me of Claire a bit and to be honest, Jamie probably thinks that’s too – the fair skin and dark hair.

The “de-flowering” scene was pretty good and interesting. I heard that the book scene was a little different. Okay, who am I kidding, the scene was great.

But, all of a sudden she loves him? Jamie is quick to tell her it’s not love.

“Love is when you give your heart and soul to another and they give theirs in return,” Jamie said.



When Geneva shows back up months later with her new husband and hello, baby bump.

But then trouble comes and Geneva doesn’t make it and the sister, Isobel knew the baby was Jamie’s son. And I thought right then, “oh hell!”

But then Geneva’s old man husband is holding the baby with a knife and threatening to kill the baby and Jamie does what anybody would do, blow the guy’s brains out.

Jamie, could you be more perfect?

It made me happy and respect the family a little more after the mother comes out to tell Jamie she knows who he is and that he is free to go home after everything he has done. But Jamie doesn’t take her up on the offer. He stays, for Willie, the baby, and to earn some money.

But really, you know it’s because of the baby, who turns out to be a little boy that follows Jamie around. Plus, he semi looks like Jamie. He doesn’t have the red hair, but he has his eyes. He has a reddish tint to his hair a little.

“We joke sometimes that he spends so much time with Mackenzie that he’s starting to look like him,” the mother says years later as she and another woman watch Willie ride a pony as Jamie helps him.

And little Willie has a temper just like his father.

But before Jamie leaves, he gives Willie a carved snake, just like his brother Willie carved for him.


Jamie is getting ready to leave Hellwater and goes to talk to Lord John Grey and … he offers himself up, in THAT way, to Grey, if he’d look after Willie and be a father to him.

Grey is happy about it, but won’t accept that. Instead, he and Isobel will be getting married and he would be looking after Willie.

I just can’t believe Jamie would offer his body up like that. It was a little shocking to me.


I honestly feel kind of bad for Claire. She’s waited so long to be able to even think about looking for Jamie and then they hit a dead end at the Archives.

I love how Roger is eager to keep looking, but the look on Claire’s face when she knows it’s time to go back to Boston.

Watching her take down the timelines and the notes and photos and then watching her and Brianna leave Roger’s house.

Then watching Jamie riding off and Willie chasing him.

I don’t know what song that was at the end, but it fits the scenes so well. It’s hard for Jamie to leave. It’s hard for Claire to stop looking for Jamie and go back home.

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